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    September 06, 2012


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    I am with you on this Neil, but I can also explain where she is coming from with these comments.
    Just look a the events around George S and your beloved Lane.

    Was he a great teacher and coach or not?
    He seems to have supporters and detractors, all vehemently claiming the high ground and certain they are right.
    There is no system in place to provide teachers (in their opinion) with honest, unbiased feedback that is needed for merit raises to be considered fair.
    Schools are already too much like little fiefdoms, with principals and those they favor able to manipulate the system.
    No teacher who wants change will ever be welcome in a school where everyone who likes it the way it is.
    Sad, but true.

    Rewarding lazy teachers (there are lazy teachers btw) and condemning hard working teachers.

    i agree with a CPS fan.

    Couldn't you get a more flattering picture of Karen?

    There are no flattering pictures of Ms. Lewis unfortunately. By the way go onto Frank Lollinos Facebook page where he is griping about getting a fair contract. Frank at 85,000 a year just shut up and pray to the God's that your dream check does not end. You would not get that type of money in private industry for working only 9 months and not coaching. Just saying.

    Here's an coach always in hot water, but, he seems to wiggle out of it and he continues to work for CPS.

    His name is Frank Lollino, Jr. and he's the former Boys Head Basketball Coach at Lane Tech, Austin HS, and Morton College. And, he's the son of legendary Chicago basketball coach, the late Frank Lollino, Sr. (Frank Sr. coached Mark Aquirre and Eddie Johnson back in the 70's at Westinghouse).

    Currently, Frank Jr. is still on the faculty of Lane Tech HS as a PE/DE teacher.

    BTW: At Austin HS, Lollino was caught using ineligible players and had to forfeit most, if not all of the games in the 1999-00 season. And then, forced down into the CPS Blue Division in 2000-01.

    Here's are links to his latest incident and the court document:

    In the case involving Lollino, Jr. at Lane Tech, I was told the Lane principal (Keith Foley) at the time violated due process and that was the reason CPS couldn't fire Frank Jr., but, I would suggest fact checking that out.

    FYI: (Keith Foley, friend of Frank. Sr. and man who hired Frank, Jr. at Lane.)

    Here's the excerpt from a Chicago Tribune article, October 20, 2006

    Frank Lollino Jr. is back as a physical education teacher at Lane, putting an end to a 19-month ordeal in which the former Lane basketball coach was fired after one of his players brought charges of sexual harassment.

    Lollino, 35, was cleared of all charges by an Illinois State Board of Education hearing officer last April. But he has been banned from coaching in the Public League for driving his players to practices and games along with his alleged use of profane language and other undisclosed reasons.

    "I'm just glad it's all behind me," said Lollino, now an assistant basketball coach at Morton College. "All I wanted was a chance to clear my name."


    BTW: Lollino, Jr. stopped being the Morton College head basketball coach in the summer of 2011 according to the court document. A coincidence?

    FYI: Lollino, Jr. was named 'Coach of the Year' in the conference for the second year in a row in February, 2011. Why would Morton get rid of him in the summer of 2011?

    According to this link from the Sun-Times, Conte Stamas was named Morton's basketball coach in Sept. 2011. Though, I can't find anything where it says Men's not Women's coach:

    FYI: Frank Lollino's 2011-12 CPS teacher salary was $85,993 without coaching (he's banned) and not teaching Driver Education. So, if you break his salary down for this school year, here's what he makes for 180 school days of average of (7) hours/day for (5) 50-minute classes/day:


    Neil how do you reward the teachers at schools like Payton, Northside,Lane, and WY who are in the 99th percentile?? This is why merit pay will not work. Secondly I think the real change that should be made is the starting salary of P.E teachers. It is clear every time people try to attack teachers they always bring up the p.e or d.e department. Never heard anyone say jack about math, and the various types of science teachers.

    P.E. teachers have to take the same classes as math and science teachers, so why should their pay be any different. My anatomy, kinesiology, and human physiology with pre-med students. we as p.e. teachers worked just as hard as any other teacher to get our degree

    Get real, P.E teachers take the general Math and science classes. I know first hand calculus isn't a requirement for p.e i also know genetics, organic chem , and physics are not required either. Seriously a p.e teachers job is the more luxurious one. You may be a good p.e teacher but most are horse shit. Lastly if getting a p.e degree is just as hard why don't we have those individuals get a degree where their chance at getting a job is greater? Too many students want to be p.e teachers because they know it is the easy way out...sorry but it is true

    Niel You're missing the point. There may be some teachers out there scared of merit pay because they're lazy...ok name a job demographic where there isn't a percentage of laziness...teachers are humans there are lazy everythings outthere.

    Merit pay scares teachers because there hasn't been any info on what happens in the Special Ed, Remedial, and some Regular classrooms, not the honors/AP classrooms. Who would go teach special ed or all of the remedial classes if teacher pay was based on test scores of kids with Cognititve, Emotional, and behavioral problems. Sure a few would stay but most would try to move on rather than stay with those high needs kids because they're going to get fired or not get the same yearly pay increase as others who teach in smaller classes with less problems (suburbs).

    If you teach in CPS another problem is that standardized testing is culturally biased. (Not that its racist, but that the test makers make assumptions about the experiences of students) if a question or passage talks about information that applies more to white suburbia than inner city who do you think will do better on the test? The studies are out there that confirm that statement. Why as a teacher would I want to base my pay on that? Would you?

    For others: Stop bringing up the salaries of P.E. teachers who have been in the game FOREVER, yeah they make 85,000 they've been getting the pay increases and coaching stipends for 20 years. A younger teacher makes less than half of that, which is pretty good, don't get me wrong, but don't make it seem as if all of them are getting that type of pay.

    The contract fight isn't just about pay...its about reducing class size, not teaching standardized tests 24/7, building upgrades (you want a longer school day...well how about putting A/C in all those schools for the days its 95/100 degrees) not for teachers, but for the kids. Have you ever tried to get a kid to listen to you and engage in a lesson in 100 degree heat?

    If you actually read a transcript of what Karen Lewis says or watch/listen to an interview the pay thing is not the central issue, the issues are about so much more than money and pay and if you're going to post something like this Niel you need to realize that you've done ZERO research...oh here Karen goes again...well its her damn job as the union rep to go at it again, to fight for her union members and get them a fair deal for all of them.

    The vast vast majority of teachers are trying to do a good job and those that don't are being let go more often than people think...they get pushed out or take retirement, you want to ask someone about lazy teachers ask the administration, why aren't they doing the observations and following the due process to remove a teacher if they are not doing well.

    I'm not a CPS teacher but I sure as heck went to CPS schools as a kid and they worked their buts off and gave me a great education including my health and P.E. teachers.

    that post rocks!

    that could be the best post this blog has ever seen

    @come on neil

    Really? Do you think that pinoy would actually do some research before he writes his crappy posts.

    Neil is too fucking dumb to do hoods research on issues over his head. Stick to a supports blog , not a political your eyes you sheep

    Any* not hoods... And sports* not supports...stupid auto correct. Glad i got to it before someone tried to bash me.

    Wait Carl Boyd that's funny. To cps lawyers he's worst than rhetoric get back coach that tells the kids IBM the game to get back.

    That post was one of the worse posts I've seen. First of all, Neil's article was not meant to be an all inclusive diatribe discussing the ins and outs of the teachers unions negotiations.

    The posts was about Lewis's opinion about merit pay.

    Merit pay vs Non-Merit pay. Karen Lewis does not believe in merit pay. That is another way of saying that success should be properly rewarded and that failure should be tolerated if not accepted.

    When you hear someone say "The contract fight isn't just about pay...its about reducing class size," Do not believe statements like that. Reducing class sizes is code word for a teacher union saying we want our teachers to do less work and get paid more.

    If the teachers really are there for the students, they would fight for reducing violence in the CPS, fight for having more parental involvement, and fight for more facilities.

    Unfortunately, teachers unions really are not there for the kids. They are there to put more money in their pockets. That's the bottom line.

    How would one go about fighting for parents to be more involved in the lives of the children they
    gave birth to? Please let me know because I have seen teachers try, plead, and beg parents to step up, however it was to no avail in most cases, so what is your solution?

    Also, I have seen teachers march against violence, escort children home for safety ( putting themselves at risk mind you) , and keep students late until someone could pick them up. However, you are right they don't care enough about kids until they jump in front of every bullet that may hit one of theour young people.

    Also I want to be clear, you would be fine if the strike was centered around the issue of more and updated facilities? That makes sense because we will need them with 40+ students in a class because how dare anyone want a reasonable class size to increase the chances that a student receives the individual attention they deserve.

    Okay, this makes sense! Karen should negotiate these terms immediately.

    1) If there is not 75% more parent involvement then CTU members are to picket infront of parents houses with the support of the board and Mayor's office.

    2) Mr. Mayor stop the violence now or we walk.

    3) Start updating these facilities or build us new ones or else we will sue.

    Yep, clearly the city can meet those terms and will agree to them in a legally binding contract.

    @that post

    I going to talk about sports facilities. Why should we fight for better sports facilities when it is pretty fucken obvious that they need improving. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see Hanson stadium is a dump.

    My bad. Rahm and his appointed school board members have never sent foot in Hanson stadium. CPS lacks and needs improvement on the facilities available now.

    Every coach including myself have complain to everyone in SA. CPS will never listen to teachers and coaches. Unless it benefits the Mayor, they will never improve facilities. Daley had friends in the construction business to build charter schools which often went way over budget (Westinghouse). Rahm has rich political supporters for charter schools (Pritzkers). Until Gates or the Pritzkers go into the sports facilities building business, our sports facilities will never improve.

    Wait! Here is a crazy idea! How about using some of the money that is budgeted to build 80 new charter schools and use it toward improving our sports facilities. The cost of two or three charter schools could bring current stadiums up to par.

    That post. I think you're on to something. Get rid of CPS administrators and let teacher committees, parents, and community members and leaders run CPS. I'm sure you see improvement.

    If you look back I address merit pay in the majority of my post and explain why the union and teachers might be against it.

    Class sizes are a HUGE issue. anything over 30 and it becomes very hard to ensure each child's needs are being met.

    Study upon study tells us that class size has a direct correlation to student participation and learning. It is a major issue for teachers not because they want to work less but because they want to ensure quality work with the students they have. If I have 40 students and a 48 minute period if I do nothing but try to give students individual help I have a few seconds over 1 minute to reach each child. If I have 24 students I can give them twice the time per day still only 2 min but if each day only a portion of my students are in need that particular day I can give them more one on one time.

    Have you ever tried to control a class of 35-40 students? It makes the classroom management portion of a teachers job incredibly difficult, if not impossible depending on the makeup of the class, and negativly affects the learning of students who can feel like they're being ignored when another student with a genuine problem monopolizes (for better or worse) a teacher's time.

    Yes I went off on some tangents in my post above and I think Neil does a good job with the sports aspect of this blog, I mean that seriously; if I want to get some scores and info on CPS I come here first and then hit up the Suntimes or Trib. But merit pay is but one of the issues teachers have with our educational system and its brokeness. Teachers want BAD teachers either to improve and become good teachers or leave the profession. Karen Lewis has said as much herself in several interviews, but merit pay (which we have no idea what it means because no politician has actually outlined the details) could be a blanket way to reduce hard earned teacher pay in the toughest places teachers teach...I said COULD be, we have no idea how it will work. If teachers could find out what the details are and how it would work and whether it was an incentive or the basis of even cost of living increases then teachers might be willing to consider, but all it seems to be tied to is test scores which many believe is not a true indication of learning but an indication of how well a student can take a test.

    The Teachers Union job is solely for the interests of gaining more benefits and salaries for their members and for themselves.

    It is not there to curb violence, promote teachers, or get better facilities. That is someone else's job.

    Let's not forget that.

    The unions role is against the interests of the CPS and the public. Because the more the unions make the more they take from tax payers dollars.

    Ask anyone in the southside if they feel, the government should take more of their dollars. Ask them if they want to pay more in parking meters, pay more in parking tickets, pay more in sales taxes. The city has to keep trying to take more form their citizens so they can pay for primarily the increasing high and definitely unsustainable salaries and benefits of city workers and unfortunately public sector unions.

    I love the way the teachers union and democrats use the word "fair" as in "fair" contract or "fair" share of taxes. "Fair" to them is whatever they decide at the moment and if you refuse them they accuse you of being un-"fair". I want to ask the teachers if it is "fair" to hold our children's educational future hostage to their union's definition of "fair"? Is it "fair" to the taxpayers of the city for the union to demand a large wage increase while the school district is running a large deficit? Is it "fair" of the union to demand better benifits amid the rubble of a failing education system.

    What a bunch of selfish people. They teach level playing fields...well. get paid the average other workers would get for 180 days of work. Pay your own healthcare or a good part of it and go on social security like the rest of us. They seem to forget that the people who are taxed to pay for their salaries and benefits are all out of work.

    @sense88a we are not average workers, we have college degrees and are professionals, pay us equal to that, who are equal to us. there's a difference between a job and a profession

    What they get paid 76k a year! I didn't know that got that much. Some schools are better than others. My little cousin had a learning disability that went unknown in the CPS. She now goes to a suburban school, which within 2 weeks of being there. Pointed out the problem my aunt questioned CPS about. The teachers are rude and unprofessional. Well at least in my neck of the woods. They getting paid 76k wow. They make more than nurses, firefighters, police and paramedics. They save lives. Pay should be based on performance, integrity, professionalism. Not solely on because you went to school and have a degree to teach.

    I work for the board and half the teachers that are complaining don't teach our kids and more than half the classes I look into look LIkea a scene from lean on me. Give a brake go to work and except thermal raise until u perform better. Tomorrow I have to go to work and do what I always do babysit kids cause teachers don't have classroom management anyways.

    Your anger should be directed at the city and state(Mike Madigan) not at the teachers or the CTU. There are a lot of questions out there in regards to tax payer money. As a tax payer, I would like to know who has mismanaged and spent the money that was supposed to go the city's infrastructure, transportation, social services and schools? Where is all the money? Not in the teacher's pockets. We are tax payers too. In regards to merit pay, it seems that people have very short attention spans. Last I checked, the city and CPS have a tremendous amount of people living below the poverty level, which has a tremendous effect on performance in schools. Not to mention that much of the curriculum, textbooks and assessment materials use terminology that our urban, minority students cannot relate to thereby setting us all up to fail in CPS. You see CPS does ridiculous things like testing students who are cognitively delayed and second language learners (who should not be tested) and then punishing the teacher and the student when there is no success. How does that impact a child's self-worth when they have failed yet again, which is why they have an IEP and require special services. My job performance or my keeping my job is supposed to be decided on the Boards determination of who gets tested, how they are tested, when time and time again the Bd has proven to be so lax in providing the resources needed to service the needs of the children and then blame us for it. Sadly, the public believes it, buys into it and then the media runs with it. It is very degrading. The Bd. is always off the mark and misguided. I am convinced that CPS couldn't run a lemonade stand. The Bd. is so vague about what they require of you in order to succeed and when they do state the goals of the district, they change them at any time on their own whim and this is how I am supposed to keep my job or get paid? I would have a better chance if someone pulled my name out of the hat than with whatever the Bd. proposes. Let me give you a few examples of how the BD. works and then you tell me if you would trust the Bd. Let's start with test scores. Found out our school hit the mark with our scores until the Bd. on a whim and at the very last possible minute before the end of the year chose to raise the bar which then made us not hit the mark. In addition, CPS stated that they are going to be judging us using a new criteria, they just don't know what assessment vehicle they will be using or how they will use it. Also, in order to fairly compensate art, library, gym teachers, etc. with the merit pay idea, those teachers are to choose another teacher (from where? Their school across the city?) and then the art, gym, library teacher's pay will be based on another teacher's job performance. How long do you think that will last? do you really think that CPS will allow art, gym and library teachers to pick the teachers with the highest pay time and again or is CPS going to decide how much these teachers get paid. No one knows. The Bd. never makes anything clear. It is all so vague. What isn't a mystery, however, is how CPS constantly changes the rules, cheats the schools of funding and then points the finger at the teachers. Let me pose it to you like this. If I were a radio broadcaster and my boss told me that I have to have a presentation every morning for people to hear on the radio or I will be fired. So the broadcaster works tirelessly and has a fantastic topic to discuss that they have been preparing and they get to work and then boss doesn't provide the broadcaster with a microphone, who is to blame? Is the radio announcer a lazy, scoundrel who doesn't deserve to get paid or needs more training or is it the boss that doesn't provide the broadcaster with the tools they need to do their job to blame? This is the life a CPS teacher. It shouldn't be this way. But this is the realty. If this was how you were going to be paid or were able to keep your job, would your hand shoot up in favor of this completely vague, not sure what is going to happen merit pay idea? I don't think so. You see CPS teachers are not hiding behind merit pay because we think we are substandard teachers. Do you really think that I paid for my college degree and then continued to go to college after undergrad to get the education that I needed in order to meet the needs of my students on my own time and with my own dime if I was some lazy CPS teacher. the BD. doesn't provide us with what we need in terms of meeting the needs of the students. No, it is easier to place blame and point fingers. Sadly, they are winning. Because I hear it on the radio, TV and from people who I am responding to with this email. We want to make a difference. We care. Our hands are tied. Think about it. Teachers didn't get in this profession to get rich and....oh wait that sounds very much like our politicians.

    @tina hill,

    Get your facts right. The base salary of firefighters/paramedics and cops are about the same if not more than teachers. Depending of years on the service and extras, cops & firefighters/paramedics can make anywhere between 65K - 100K a year.

    Depending on the education of a nurse, a nurse's salary with a BS is comparable to a teacher's. No if you got your nurseing degree from westwood, then thats a different story.

    So,Tina Hill, no disrespect, but where are you getting your facts?

    @right tina

    I pretty sure your salary is being negotiated as well. CTU is also negotiating for ESP's salaries. Ask your union delegate, he/she should had mentioned that.

    I feel bad for the truly dedicated teachers because the slackers and malcontents at places like Prosser, Lane, Fenger, etc make all teachers look bad. I suggest the good teachers start anonymously letting CPS know about the lazy, do-nothing teachers (and other staff members) giving all teachers a bad name. Don't allow adiministrators to blindly give all teachers a favorable review and only .03 teacher unfavorable ones. THAT'S RIDICULOUS!!

    Here's why only .03 of the teachers received a bad review, it's because, in most cases, the person giving them the evaluation hired them and they don't want to look bad.

    Is making more money going to change how teachers teach??? Don't get me wrong with turn around thing are getting better. Getting older lazy teachers out Is helping. The fact is that things aren't getting done. teachers are lazy in most school and until that changes I say don't give them anything but the normal if that means I get the nirmal 6.0 percent raise. merit is good cause you have to earn your pay. I am tired of watching teachers scapegoat. It's not just teachers but they have no respect for esp cause they are so much than everyone else and can't teach a kid shit. Teach then get paid.

    @tina your right they save lives, and we(teachers) mode lives

    @you should shut up

    See, you're the typical illerate CPS teacher, you probably got your degree from Chicago State or NEIU. You spelled 'mold' wrong.

    no i didn't go to school with you

    "come on Neil said
    If you teach in CPS another problem is that standardized testing is culturally biased. (Not that its racist, but that the test makers make assumptions about the experiences of students)"

    This is not true. The Orientals outscore Caucasians on math tests and keep up with them on reading tests. Whatever your culture 2 plus two is still four.
    Some people seems to think that evolution stops at the neck. There are too many blank slate believers out there or maybe they think God created everyone in his image and that we are all equal physically and mentally.
    The only way we will have equal outcome in our testing is if the tests are dumbed down or cheating takes place. Oh yeah and maybe if constant repetition and memorization takes place.

    @northside johnny.

    You're use of oriental is incorrect. "Oriental" is used to describe a rug not a person. The correct term is Asian.

    Just saying.

    to just saying;
    thanks I'll try to remember that.

    Poor students and poor test scores equates to a poor HOME LEARNING ENVIRONMENT! Do some research before you start showing your ignorance. Have a great Chicagoland day!

    I used the term Chinaman...Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these (..)

    Oops, I want to be correct....Chinese, japense, dirty knees, look at these (.)(.)

    What is Chicago's true financial situation ?And if it's as bad as we are led to believe,could someone explain where the money is going to come from for teacher raises?

    @Home ownerl


    The City is going to get their money from the citizens of Chicago via taxes.

    How many people feel that property taxes, parking meters, red light violations, CTA bus fares, and sales taxes are not high enough.

    The only way government pays more to it's teachers is to take it away from it's citizens.

    More and more people feel the city is stealing from it's citizens.

    Tifs , just another reason not to live in or invest in the State of Illinois.If you want to read about were we are heading ,read today's Tribune,we just lost out on a $1.4 billion investment ,solely because of our debt and corruption.Hundreds of good paying jobs for years to come,lost.

    @Home ownerl

    There you go. That is why CPS is broke. CPS had money in the 80's when the city was a dump. Now, look at the city. Look at wicker park, west and south loop. Despite the economy, Chicago is still a thriving city. Okay houses drop from 1.8 to 1.2 million in bucktown. The money is there.

    Instead of attacking the teachers, why don't people attack the politicians first. They are the ones who make decisions on budgets and spending. They are the ones working a part time job and collecting 80k+ a year and a full pension.

    Illinois' tax system is among the highest in the nation but is going broke.


    What does the city of Chicago,state of Illinois and Cook County have in common ?There's your problem.Anyone who invests in this state is crazy .

    What a shame

    Good job teachers! Stand up for yourselves. Show everyone how much you are needed and what happens if you are out of commission

    Time to move !

    That is the problem. Connected guys like him. Juan Rangel. CEO?

    How many CEO's does the city have?

    Take education away from Rahm and leave it to the community. When Rahm was in high school up north, the great white escape occured. Now, it is coming back into the city and he wants a piece of it.

    I grew up in the mean streets of W-town. My boy Neil knows what I am talking about. I know what is best for the city.

    Guess my name? I like the beastie boys.

    Why is there a teachers strike ,putting the lives of kids in danger ? Can they not negotiate and stay on the job ?

    Karen Lewis on Check, Please! (click on the video of her to the right)....funny as Cafe Trinadad is closed now.


    CTU has been negotiating since last school year. Rahm & Co. have been attacking CTU since then through the media and spanish media. Why do think so many teachers and administrators retired? They did not want any part of this. CPS never wanted to budge so now CTU will stand and fight for public education.

    Sorry. We tried but they didn't.

    BTW, Harm's, sorry I mean Rahm's, kids have a shorter school day than CPS kids.

    @Lewis eating.

    At least she tried a small business restaruant in the south side with out city paid security. Rahm, JC, and Vitale are not familar with that part of the city and never will travel there without security.

    Why would anyone travel to the south side unless they absolutely had too, or they were looking to get shot?

    It is the arm pit of Chicago, and if it wasn't for Detroit, quite possibly the entire country!!

    Is Frank Lollino, Jr. in water again at Lane? Does anyone know what Frankie did now?

    Ole' Frankie used his naked twister line on a few of the boys the other day, telling them he only plays naked twister when they were talking about the game. Dignam put him on report and Lollino is out of Lane for now.

    The latest incident involving Lollino, Jr. led to him being put on administrative leave by Lane's Principal Christopher Dignam after Lollino was caught using inappropriate comments in the classroom for the 3rd time this school year. Lollino was said to have overheard some Lane students talking about the game "Twister" when he chimed in..."I only play naked Twister." And, Lollino has used this naked Twister line to students in the past according to my source from Lane. This latest inappropriate comment incident is the 3rd time THIS YEAR Lollino has been called into the principal's office for the same type of comments. In fact, the other two times he was called into the principal's office this year was a result of Lane parents filing a complaint with CPS about Lollino.

    fuck is wrong with this guy? He has a serious mental issue to keep making these outrageous errors. His actions could be considered sexual harassment. He is going to go down permanently at some point soon

    He's got juice man!

    This is the biggest problem with the CTU and non-charter schools. CTU has to protect this sick fuck. The guy is at Lane Fucking Tech and making close to $90,000. There has to be hundreds of teachers and maybe thousands that would take his job and walk a straight line in a minute. Rio brought this asshole into Lane, Foley hired him, Lobosco let him do whatever he wanted, and now Dignam is stuck with him and trying to shit can him.

    Is being a fuck up with a big mouth and doing little or no work requirements to be a CPS teacher? If it is, this fucking guy is well qualified.

    all city county state jobs are tied into politics!in which case you screw up you get a promotion or you keep your job with union but thats politics chicago style.still alive n well.same game new players!

    saw stavakas at xmas party friday and he said he was contacted to take over for lolino starting january 3rd. guess him and dignam patched things up

    Thank You for the update Michelle Vale-Suarez. I guess you finally helped get one of us?

    what a disgusting thought,lollino playing naked twister.have mercy!

    others that need to go at Lane:

    Scott Eisenberg
    E****** ******
    Francisco Marchan (a Clemente grad. Really? at Lane??)
    Gregg Mitchell
    Cynthia Smith
    Howard Newman
    Leroy Jarka

    what's a matter Eddie, you mad someone caught you with your hand in the cookie jar too?

    It's all shits and giggles when others are mentioned, but, you have a baby when yours is, huh?

    big tough guy

    Why Marchan? He has a good record with girl's track, is well liked by the kids and acts like an adult.

    @That post
    Please tell us with all of your infinite teaching wisdom why its code for a teacher who thinks a class size of 30-40 students (kids not college students) is too large to reach?

    You’ve got elementary kids and teens with raging hormones packed into a class, many with profound issues in their lives yet you think they can easily be calmed, engaged and overall taught as effectively as classes with 15-25 students.
    Please, please enlighten us

    He's a dummy, can't complete a full sentence to save his life, and you can taste his bad breath when you talk to him. Is a Clemente grad really Lane material as teacher? A coach maybe, not a teacher. When are those teacher evaluations starting?

    let me guess you didnt go to college..?
    teachers in cps have degrees and most have 2 degrees. It kills me how those that didn't put in the time, money or effort that enables them to go into a profession hate on those that did put in the extra.

    @tina hall
    we can read your post and tell you didn't chose to go to post secondary school so please spare us. As for the 76K, once again you showed how little you know. That is not what most make. When they're new they make between 35-42K

    looks like you're the one that did not CHOSE to go to post secondary school.DUH!

    most teachers are lazy huh... how did you come to this conclusion? Was it what people have told you, what you've read, or have you seen in action a large enough sample size to say so with backing? Your writing shows you most likely have not gone to college and imo that give you very little creditability in this discussion. Honestly as I kept reading your post it was very unclear if you think teachers are all bad or if you think they are scapegoats


    @halitosis- yeah, I get it, I wouldn't want an LT grad teaching my kid at WY either. WTF, no wonder LT alumni have such a piss poor rep.

    get real as Marchan was too stupid to pass the entrance exam into Lane as student. But, he was hired there as a teacher...go figure. It must have been the grade education he got at that shithole Clemente or was he hired because he's a Latino?

    @Late bloower

    Great not grade..did you graduate from Lame I mean Lane? I hope not.

    BY MAUDLYNE IHEJIRIKA Staff Reporter December 19, 2012 4:22PM

    A Chicago Public Schools gym teacher and former coach with a history of allegations of inappropriate behavior with students was removed this week from Lane Tech College Prep, in the wake of inquiries by the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Frank Lollino, Jr., a former winning basketball coach at both the prep and community college levels, had been under CPS investigation for allegations made this semester by students at that selective enrollment school.

    The $90,000-a-year gym and driver’s education teacher was accused of making suggestive sexual comments, according to complaints by some parents.
    The tenured teacher was pulled from classroom instruction on Dec. 13 and reassigned to administrative duties within the school, according to CPS.

    And as of Monday, he was off work with pay pending reassignment.

    “This whole situation right now is so disheartening,” the 41-year-old Lollino said when reached at home Wednesday. “But I haven’t spoken to my attorney yet, so I don’t think it would be prudent to discuss this now.”

    A CPS employee for 18 years, Lollino has never been charged with a crime.
    And past similar allegations have not been sustained — only lesser misconduct.

    “I’m extremely uncomfortable knowing my child is in the presence of somebody with this deep history of accusations and absolutely appalled that the Board has not acted,” complained one parent who asked not to be identified because of her teen.

    CPS confirmed at least three parents over the course of the semester had formally requested their teens be removed from Lollino’s classes.

    “These are serious allegations, and we are actively investigating,” a CPS spokesman responded to initial inquiries about these newest allegations.

    Earlier this year, Lollino had been accused in a Cook County Circuit Court petition of requesting sex in exchange for rent payments and otherwise sexually harassing a basketball player at Morton College.

    He’d been the part-time but highly successful men’s coach at Morton from 2006 until last year, when his contract expired and the college declined to renew it.

    Former Morton student Patrick Terrell — charging Lollino’s harassment forced him to leave the school and give up scholarships — in January filed a petition for discovery against Lollino, Community College District 527 and the Chicago Board of Education. It was dismissed in March after the college successfully argued the petition was too wide-ranging, and a “fishing expedition.” No lawsuit was filed.

    Lollino also faced similar allegations at Lane Tech in 2005.

    After a successful run as varsity coach at Austin High from 1994 to 2001, he’d held the position at Lane until one of his players accused him of offering him money for sex, according to documents, which indicate a police investigation didn’t find the accusations credible enough to pursue criminal charges.

    An ensuing Board investigation, however, found Lollino allowed players to sleep at his house the night before early morning trips, drove players home from practice without written parental permission, and also swore at players.

    He was removed from the school, and CPS sought to fire him. But months later, an independent hearing officer ruled the Lane player’s allegations “highly suspect,” and said the other improprieties didn’t warrant firing.

    Lollino was reinstated with back pay in May 2006 — but banned from coaching.

    The new allegations were brought to CPS attention by parents of the students.

    A warning resolution — signed by then Schools CEO Arne Duncan and adopted by the Board on May 24, 2006 — specifically provided that any future such misconduct by Lollino “will result in the preferring [sic] of dismissal charges.”

    “Currently, Mr. Lollino has been pulled from the classroom and is not in contact with students,” the CPS spokesman reported this week. “He’s being pulled out of the building pending his further due process.”

    Did you know prior to coming to Lane for the 2001-02 school year, Lollino, Jr's Austin HS basketball team was made to forfeit all their games from the 1999-2000 season because Lollino, Jr. knowingly used ineligible players? Austin was made to play in the Blue division, a lower division, in 2000-01 as a result of the forfeits. In the Spring of 2001, Lane A Rich Rio and Lane Principal Keith Foley brought Lollino, Jr. into Lane for an interview and he began teaching/coaching at Lane in the 2002-03 school year replacing Tom Horn. Horn was told he would be let go because Lane needed a coach from inside the building, even after posting a winning record in his last year at Lane.

    Lane Basketball Coaching record:

    2001-02 10 17 Jr. Frank Lollino
    2002-03 21 6 Jr. Frank Lollino
    2003-04 17 10 Jr. Frank Lollino
    2004-05 10 12 Jr. Frank Lollino
    2005-06 13 14 Jr. Frank Lollino
    2006-Present Banned from Coaching for CPS
    Coach Total 71 59 5 yr .546

    According to former Austin High School basketball player Michael Edwards in an online post entitled, "180 Degree turn" (, he was the only player responsible for Frank Lollino Jr.'s team forfeiting all their games for the 1999-2000 season. Here's what Edwards said:

    "In our last game of the season they said I was an ineligible player because I didn't have the grades and we didn't fill out all the paper work. They said at the beginning of the year everything was alright."

    excerpt from the writer of the online post:...."That was before an opposing team's coach protested his eligibility and upon further ruling, Edwards was declared ineligible for the last game of the year and playoffs, and Austin forfeited all of their games. All of the W's out of the win column were erased and consequently Austin was moved down to the Blue West (the worst team in the Red West gets moved down). Also, the Tigers were pitted on the lower end of the bracket for the Public League playoffs and therefore saw an early exit to their season."

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