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    October 03, 2010


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    Junior is a goon

    can we please stop this kevin perez stuff?

    Wesley Laytham also ran for Peterson since 4th grade.

    this is turning into that harlan bull****

    Whoever is posing as kevin perez stop. I don't know how its funny to pose as somebody else. Just to prove who ever is posing as me, this will be the last post I make.

    "Whoever is posing as kevin perez stop"

    why are you so childish all you're doing is stirring mayhem please stop with the fake name posting my name is my pride there is no one else out there as good and deserving as me the real kevin perez

    hey kev.


    davie is a goon nd the best freshman in da city

    Charlie Mesimore went to Edgebrook not Peterson!

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