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    March 07, 2010


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    Was this one of the schools that hosted a "Stop militarization of the public schools" info table and a "Imperialism and Military Recruitment" seminar last November?

    I would not be surprised. The purpose of Little Village is not to prepare kids for college but to prepare them to be community organizers.

    Shut down the public schools immediately. Would any other business be allowed to continue operating for a single day with this atrocious track-record? Give me and my fellow parents the $3500+ I pay in property taxes for the schools and our children will receive world class educations with money to spare! The only losers will be the urban DEmocrat political machines and their union hatchet-men. But our children and our country will win.
    As Walter Williams says, if the Ku Klux Klan were to devise a plan to destroy the futures of minority children in the cities, they could not devise a more effective, inhuman way than the government/union "public" schools have provided. Free our children from these indoctrination camps called public schools, now!

    congrats to UP

    great success story at UP!

    good job.

    This is a school in Englewood over 90% of the sr class started out their freshman year below 9th grade reading level. Now 100% have graduated. Manny of these UP kids would have went to schools like Robeson, Fenger, Corliss, and others and would have had a tougher time. This school has changed kids lives.

    This is a school that is doing it right.

    Julian, Fenger, Marshall, Little Village, and all of these charter schools should look a the Urban Prep model.

    The teachers there have one goal. OT get the kids to college and make them better citizens.

    Of, their track and football teams are rapidly improving.

    Apparently, there was a “Day of Action to Defend Public Education.” JAWA posted this today...
    Recovery Adviser SIEU's Andy Stern must be so proud a union member attended the rally.

    from Big Journalism
    Militant socialists were out in full force Thursday, March 4th, for a “Day of Action to Defend Public Education.” The nationwide event was organized by fringe, left-wing groups like Michigan’s “By Any Means Necessary,” Ohio-organized “Community Organizing Center for Mother Earth,” Los Angeles-based “County Peace and Freedom Party,” the “League for the Revolutionary Party” of New York, and North Carolina’s “Destroy Industry.”

    Video of speaker:

    Lane Tech Is the best lacrosse team and harlan shouldn't even have a lacrosse team there going to lose anyway

    Our small grade school district is paying its superintendent close to $340,000 with 5% increases, retirement at 55, LAYERS of assistants, principals, assistant principals, ALL very highly paid and have been getting raises. Our district also throws away money on worthless studies, psychological testing for the school board members to see how they can get along better, etc., I-phones and Blackberries. They cut the resources to the kids but gave raises and contract extensions to administrators and the superintendent.

    CORE is not the problem...they are advocating for the students of CPS. Many CPS students are capable of organizing for themselves.

    Urban Prep is selective enrollment, can kick out "bad kids" who don't follow rules, receives adequate funding, and requires all students to apply to a certain # of colleges to graduate. Many have been accepted to city colleges and the like. Not to take anything away from these young men, but this story is a publicity stunt by CPS to push for increased # of charters and privatization.

    The public school model in not the problem...Stevenson, New Trier, and most suburban districts are public and have unionized teachers. STOP BLAMING THE UNIONS! The highest performing students in the state are taught by unionized teachers. See the post directly above this one for the real problem!

    So you feel that paying a Drivers Ed Unionized teacher $85,000/ year + his health benefits and pension for the rest of his life is worth it?

    Why would do that when you could easily hire a private company like they do in many suburban school districts. Cost for a private company, about $50,000/year per instructor.

    In the CPS, they are intentionally overpaying about 40% over market rate in many areas.

    You can do this in the short run, but in the long run it will bite you. Not only are we getting bit right now, we are in danger of getting shredded to pieces.

    It's not the teachers fault, he applied for the job. It's the CPS's fault for signing outlandish Union contracts.

    I thought when someone retired, he retired. Not city workers. A city worker can "retire" a the age of 50, take a pension, then take another city job, get a salary there and then still collect a pension.

    That is why the CPS is running out of money.

    Why is it possible to "retire" from one city job and collect a full pension while you're working at ANOTHER city job and getting paid???

    What lunatic morons came up with THAT idea?

    Just one small example of the pathetic, inept and corrupt politicians that rule Chicago, at the expense of honest, hard-working, tax-paying residents. How sad... the people of Chicago are being robbed by their "leaders" every day.

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