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    March 20, 2010


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    Chicago Public Schools eliminate sports for lack of $$ & Cook County gets $16M fed bailout money for obesity education,032110obesitygrants.article

    WTF. Seriously. WTF.

    This program is not about obesity. It is about getting more tax payers money to create yet another federally funded program. Seriously, do you feel the money is to help the fat 8th grader lose a few pounds, or is it to hire more Unionized SEIU cafteria workers, nutrition specialists, etc.

    It's all about increasing the wallets of Unions who then contribute to certain liberal policy makers (Quinn, Stroger, Duncan).

    Of course they can find millions to put in this obesity program, but can't find $500,000 to fund sophomore sports. Cafeteria workers unlike part time coaches are not unionized.

    Blaming the unions is a ridiculously simplified and biased way of approaching what is CPS's $1 billion (with a B) shortfall.

    Teachers' pensions are currently not being funded, and, remember that teachers do not receive social security like the rest of American workers.

    Further, CPS would be asking teachers to prep for and instruct more students for less money? Even now teacher's raises barely keep up with inflation and cost of living (particularly because CPS requires all teachers to reside in the city). What other professional industry would ask this of its staff? Very few. Therefore you will see a talent-drain on CPS schools as teachers run for suburban schools.

    Sports are a large part of school culture and attracting students to CPS, however quality of education must take precedence.

    Hello Joe. All professional industries are currently asking their staff to take cuts--not sure why teacher think they are different!

    Increasing class size is not an option. Class sizes all over cps are way too big and are inflating in the top schools. This is not a viable option for the cps to take in order to cut costs.


    Your argument would make sense if teachers were underpaid. But they are not. Do you really feel that a teacher with some years experience is worth $80,000 plus benefit. try getting a teaching job in corporations to pay that much. My wife has 7 years corporate training experience and she is luck to apply for jobs paying $50,000. The CPS overpays their teachers.

    The suburbs overpay as well. They all do. If their salaries were aligned with everyoen else outside of school teaching, people would not be complaining.

    Increasing class sizes is an option Jonathan Kamel. In college, freshman classes are taught by a professor and a couple teaching assistants.

    A class size at the U of I is about 500 students.

    It's great to have small class sizes, but in the face of budget cuts, someone will have to play for it. Unfortunately it looks like it will be the kids with increased class sizes and cutting pf programs. I guarantee to you the unions are not going to cut salaries or pay increases.

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