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    July 19, 2017


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    Why do you say they smartly kept him down at the lower level? I don't understand

    They ran Freshman and Sophmores up at Varsity before just to get wrecked

    Why does it matter though, run your best runners on varsity it's all about times

    There's no point in moving your younger guys up if it's not going to make a big impact.

    Give them a shot of victory down at the lower level. Solorio has yet to do anything at the varsity level with individuals

    Solorio baseball team is really good as well. They bat Payton, St. Ignatius, and Simeon in the Sectional Final to advance to the Class 3A state baseball quarterfinals last month.

    Early xc predictions? Except for jones and WY for top two, the rest is still up for grabs

    Who cares? This is really a football blog

    My pics:

    1. WY- The heavy favorite, with one of the best in the state Clayton, and supporting cast such as Sam Rivera and other youngsters

    2.Jones- Ian Bacon and the rest of the cast looks to bring on the heat for CPS. Defending CPS SO and FR champs have te tools to walk away with the crown.

    3. Lane Tech - Experienced Julian Higueros looks to put his name amongst the top 5 this season. I'm sure LT will look at developing Nathan Polizzi, they always have their 800 kids of that caliber run well.

    4. Payton- Can't leave out the Grizzlies, Payton's youngsters are now Juniors and seniors, a much more mature and experienced team can make the run at #4 names such as Rose will be runners to look for.

    5. Solorio- Solorio can go as high as 4. Adonaliz Hernandez state qualifier as a FR with a 16:32 PR would look to lead them. If they continue to develop well this summer Solorio can be at the top.

    6. Mather- Audiel Perez will lead them. They always find their way to build a good team

    8. Lakeview

    Heard rood will be assisting the Von cross country team in his spare time. As such Von needs to move up in the rankings

    who is rood where did he coach at before I hope he do good because if he don't I'm laughing my ass offffff

    Ban stupit gonna beet 4men! Dey finna roll! Poooooooooo!!!!!

    Northside no longer has an xc or track team

    Who is Roooooooooood? You don't know who Roooooood is? Are you sure you live in the state of Illinois? He's only the greatest football coach in the history of the world! With his master motivation and superior technical knowledge he can make anyone a world class organization.

    There will be few seniors in the top 30 this year

    Northside no longer has a xc or track COACH (Gordon is out). Im pretty sure they still have a team.

    Lane has an incoming freshman who is running I think 4:40 for the mile. He will be running varsity cross country. Lane can make a move on second if this kid comes through along with sophomore Pollizi.

    Not many movies about XC. This one is at the Portage Theater;


    birdie told me hubbard's Uriel is moving to solorio too.... second in the CPS 800m, solorio could even score higher

    fuck solorio, we all know Lindblom was the cutest team out there and there isn't even a debate

    Solorio barely did anything to nothing with these same guys just this past track season
    javier frausto of brooks runs a 16:07

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