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    June 16, 2011


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    With a deficit this size, something has to give. It’s time for teachers to share in the sacrifice.

    How can Chicago be in the top 10 and not even be number one in there own state which they are not. An we wonder why we lose good teachers every year to the sub.

    Neil, you are so off base here. Stick to covering sports (poorly) and keep your opinion out of shit you don't know!

    Instead of insulting Neil why don't you say something about the debate. Tell us why the teachers unions deserve a fat raise when everyone else is broke.

    There is no reason why they deserve a riase except for the fact that they are trying to wax more money from the tax payers.

    Fin any other job where someone fresh off of college can get a slaary of $51,000 a year plus get summers off.

    4% is not a huge raise, the city is not broke- they have just funneled everything into tiff funds taking $400 million away from the schools over the past 4-5 years, and the starting salary is a lot less than $51k. In addition, most teachers work over the summer.
    As a teacher, I have no problem with year round schools or a slightly longer school day. As long as the entire system goes on it. We aren't farmers anymore.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday defended the decision by his handpicked school board to cancel 4 percent pay raises for Chicago teachers, arguing that teachers have gotten two types of pay raises since 2003 while students got “the shaft.”

    With a $712 million deficit, Emanuel said the Board of Education could not continue to honor a contract that satisfied everybody’s concerns but the only group that really matters: Chicago Public School students.

    My question to anyone attacking Emmanuel and Neil.

    How are you going to pay for the 4% raises that add $110 million to the budget?

    2nd, even if you could pay it. Who would you rather get that money. Should the money be given to teachers whose average salarier are already about $70,000 year and way overpaid I amay add, or do you feel it should best be spent on the students.

    Give Robeson a better track,
    hire better cross country coaches for the south side, give Jones College Prep a gym, build Payton a bigger gym, etc. the list is endless.]

    My point is that even if we had teh extra $110 million I'd rather give it to the kids by upgrading their facilites than giving cry baby overpaid teachers more money to buy their North Face coats abd their Toyota Priuses.

    If CPS is broke, why does Lane Tech have an Athletic Director making $90K without teaching any classes?

    That's the point. Too much money and resources are going to teachers and nto enough to students.

    Have you heard about the $80,000 a year drivers ed instructors?
    The CPS could outsource drivers ed at 60% of the costs and save money.

    As Emanuel said, the students are gettign shafted.

    What about CPS shop teachers getting paid for 6 periods (instead of the normal 5) and making an extra $20K on average per teacher for an extra class with 4-5 kids in them?

    Suburban schools in general do have better facilities. In the case of NT, they do not have the best facilities compared to other CSL schools. Niles West has more land and a field house. Evanston has more gym space and way better indoor track. GBS has better basketball and football fields.

    Heck, the New Trier community turned down a vote to add a field house and upgraded facilities.

    NT has facilites that are from the 1950's. Ther gym is about same size as Lane Tech's.

    Despite that NT is a proven winner.

    Track had 2 athletes place in state in 1600 meter run, baseball team make sectional finals, boys lacrosse win state, girls lacrosse top 4 in state,boys volleyball make state, and boys tennis win state all this spring.

    ...nobody said anything referring to the suburban school track argument in this article.....

    I agree, we should all make sacrifices: the teachers, the bankers, the CEOs, the politicians...aren't we all doing that?

    So naive people. Here we are, working class people, fighting over the scraps...turning against eachother. Exactly what they want you to do. It's the easiest way to conquer us and force our consent. The bankers, the corporations, your elected leaders are all in cahoots. Pirates in suits making you look the fool.

    The funding has been shifted from public schools to Charter Schools. The people in charge see no profit in an educated public. They are turning over the reigns to corporate America...their buddies. Among the many sad things in this deal, the Charter Schools can limit the public's access at the same time using private money to run it's operation. What does the process leave behind? Scraps.

    If we are judging schools by standardized test scores, we need to tell the truth. Charter Schools are not improving upon or surpassing the scores of the schools that they are 'replacing.' Support public schools with qualified, certified teachers. Quit applying a business model of robotic efficiency and data to our schools. Children deserve better than that.

    Chicagoans, we elected a multi-millionaire suburbanite to lead our city. Shame on us. We are no longer in charge. Time to find our soul and support each other. Chicago Forever..."I Will."

    Sure, go ahead nit-pick, in-fight, tell on each other.

    Greedy? Neil, really, you want to call them greedy? Be careful. Coaches and teachers have been some of your biggest supporters. Can you honestly call them greedy?

    Greedy is right!

    Lets's not forget what some coaches make in ripping off kids in t-shirts and other crap they make them buy. How many coaches get a kickback from vendors?

    Also, when is CPS going to privitize their security guards and support staff? Some of those goofs make more than some teachers and have a high school diploma or a GED...Hello Robeson's Fabray Collins. Hello Hubbard's Elton Harris. Hello Prosser's Jeffrey Bates. Hello Prosser's Carlos Iniguez. Hello Robeson's Jamie Spraggins.

    And, let's not even mention all the lazy female security guards that hide out all day or sit on their big asses, mostly black and latino.

    Good grief! I hope no one here relies on Neil for their news. Neil you wrote, "The CPS school board rejected a 4% raise to teachers as proposed by the Chicago Teachers Union(CTU). The CTU was asking for an additional 4% raise for all teachers." CTU did not recently propose or ask for a raise, this 4% increase was negotiated, agreed upon, and put into a contract years ago by CTU and The City of Chicago.

    You're entitled to your opinion but at least report the facts accurately.

    Ah, nothing like working class people attacking other working class people.

    We (parents, teachers, students, and the community) could all sit down a discuss the problem together and come up with a solution. Instead we quote soundbites from politicians who don't live in our communities or send their children to our schools as if they're biblical verses without finding out the truth for ourselves.

    From my beachhouse in the French Riviera:

    He's one of us! You got duped Chicago.

    "Mayor Rahm Emanuel moved more than $1.8 million out of municipal bonds and into more broad-based funds in the months before he announced his run for office, according to disclosure records released Thursday that show assets between $6.2 million and $16.6 million."

    Let's get something straight here.CPS security guards don't do any work, so, technically they can't be called working class people...CPS security is just paid to show up with work being optional.

    How many CPS security guards does it take to break up a fight between two students? 10

    2 to go tell the school cops

    4 to go and tell each other

    4 to go and hide

    Neil is not attacking coaches and teachers. The fact is Neil loves coaches and teachers. What he disaggreed with is the teachers union. There are good teachers and bad teachers. The problem with the system set up by the unions is that teachers do not have a choice wheter to join the teachers union or not.

    In Wisconsin, they just made a law making teachers optional wheter they want to join the union or not.

    Illinois should give teachers a choice and make it optional if they want to join the union.

    Again, anyone attacking Emmanuel and Neil on this issue never answers the question of how they are going to pay for the $110 miliion in new raises.

    The Unions always want and take but never solve how they are going to get the money.

    They are like a spolied brat asking for daddy's money. The problem is daddy does not have an infinite amount of money.

    I think there is a current supreme court cases which may allow teachers choice to opt out of paying union dues.

    Also many teachers in the union would forgo their contractual agreed upon raise if CPS would agree to a forensic audit and prove that they can't finance the raise. Instead Brizard received a $20,000 increase over Hubberman (who received an $20,000 increase over Duncan). Also the new board did not vote to rescind the expense account increase the old board voted for themselves 2009.

    If the board would open up the books many teachers would compromise. However given the history of corruption in this city, teachers can not simply take the board's word for it.

    pardon my french but what the fuck does this have to do with cps sports?

    It has a lot to do with sports as HIGH teacher salaries and how their raises play into how much money is given to CPS sports. And, excating how many teacher's per school coach anymore?

    In addition, how many PE teachers even coach anymore? It was the case years ago that PE teachers were hired were to coach and teach PE? Does anyone really believe that someone is that great of a PE teacher to be hired to only teach PE?

    Look at Lane Tech College Prep and their PE/DE teachers. How many of their PE/DE teachers actually coach at Lane, not other schools? Most of Lane's DE teachers do DE after school to avoid coaching.

    And, Lane has an AD making $90K+ that not only doesn't coach anymore (Did he really ever coach or just get paid to call himself a coach and let everyone else do his work?). But, he doesn't teach anymore either.

    Why isn't Lane feeling any kind of budget crunch?

    When Lane's AD did teach, it was only 4 classes. And, 3 of those classes were with other teachers that would cover his classes as he went and sat and slept in his office for the period. Or, then the AD/PE teacher would sit and read the paper, talk to his friends on the phone, and drink coffee, as the his classes were led by a student assistant or student teacher.

    Why was this allowed to go on for 10+ years at Lane?

    I know a few CPS teachers that coach in the suburbs or catholic league. CPS pays coaches 30%-50% of some of their suburban and catholic counterparts.

    Also I'm not familiar with Lane's AD, but it's not unusual at all for AD to earn that type of money and not teach. Heck some suburban schools have a full time 0.5 AD (usually a teacher who works in the afternoons) and an assistant AD.

    I wonder what CPS sports would be like if it was well funded, paid its coaches a respectable wage, and had parental and community support across the board. Instead we're stuck with outdated facilities, a slew of second rate coaches, empty bleachers, and armchair financial advisers who always know how to spend a school's money.

    But, the point here is.....CPS PE/DE teachers were hired on the understanding that they coach as well for their CPS schools, not in Evanston or Niles. But, as soon as a lot of CPS PE/DE teachers get tenure, they start coaching sports in the suburbs.

    This is why tenure is bad. And, so is calling PE a 'need basis subject area' which allows PE (and I'm assuming DE teachers are lumped in with PE teachers) to live outside the city. Is there realy a shortage of PE teachers in Chicago? WHAT A FUCKING SCAM !!!

    They all knew the deal going in and now, like Mayor Emanuel said, the students get shafted. Same goes for the Lane AD.

    It's all about being greedy and screwing the system.

    Lane has assistant AD as well. And, most of their coaches schedule the games, deal with the uniforms, and paperwork. Lane's AD just schedules buses and does this and that all day long.

    i am a janitor at streamwood now but i used to teach at lane and coach baseball until i was pulled over for driving drunk....3 times....and committed fraud by lying about where i lived. But it is true, the AD at lane does nothing

    Every CPS teacher I know that coaches outside the city did so well before they received tenure. Heck, most of them never coached for the CPS in the first place due to the level of competition.

    I have received offers to coach and teach in the suburbs and catholic league and turned them down to continue to work with students in CPS. Not only that but my wife also teaches in CPS. She spends her summers attending professional developments, working at her school with other teachers to plan the year, and doing research to improve her craft. I do the same while coaching, overseeing the weight room, and attending coaching clinics. Furthermore the amount of money we spend on our students/players is staggering. I don't complain about it because I knew what I was getting into. However, I hate the fact that people claim that I am some greedy, nine month working, overpaid slob that sticks the shaft to children when for some of my students/players I am one of the only adults that seems to give a damn about them.

    Okay, you make what? $69K? for 9 months? That's $51K+ net pay for 9 months or 177 student school days or $288/day or $1440/week or $39.74/hr. You and your wife may be the exception, but, 70% of CPS teachers rush out of their schools when the bell rings....for what 7.25 hours/day? 5 teaching periods, 2 preps, and a lunch at the HS level?

    Are you worth $40/hr? are PE/DE teachers worth $40/hr? Nope. And, that's why DE will be outsourced in the near future.

    at $69K avg (gross) teacher salary..that's $53.76/hr or $389.83/day or $1950/wk gross

    Are you worth $389.83/day for 5 periods, which is $80 per teaching period?

    WHat They should do is hire a individual with an education background, not a political background and have those individuals monitor a school and evaluate each position in that school. This way they can also record evidence on how worthless some employees are and get them fired. This way we can keep the union and then present evidence against bad teachers....

    The irony is that for all of you who complain about "tenure" protecting bad teachers or worthless employees, you have no clue. Any employee, tenured or not, can be evaluated and fired. It's ADMINISTRATORS who protect the bad employees by creating patronage in the workplace and playing employees off each other to brown-nose for favors. None of that can be fixed by attacking teachers. It's all about upper level corruption.

    Yes, I believe I am worth that much. I can't comment on the worth of high school PE/DE teachers because my wife and I don't teach at the high school level, I only coach at a high school. Where I teach we get four preps a WEEK (five when our principal can afford to hire an extra art or music teacher) and a 20 minute break a when our students are at lunch. However, we do get out at 2:45 which we and many staff members think is too early.

    Your 70% stat is pure speculation. 70% of our teachers don't leave when the bells rings. One of our teachers leave at 2:45 to pick up her baby and comes back to school to work with her baby in hand. Moreover, when I arrive at the high school for practice there are quite a few cars in the teacher lot.

    Now I realize there are bad teachers and trust me when I say no one hates a bad teacher more than a good teacher because bad teachers make our job harder. However, why so many people like to point at the worst teacher and claim that he/she represents all of us is beyond me? As a CPS teacher I have had to deal with some of the most ignorant, drug addicted, mentally unstable parents that ever walked the planet but they don't represent the majority of the parents I work with.

    Bottom line is teachers are easy targets because we our the face of education. Very few people know how teachers are demanded to teach lessons we know aren't effective or use curriculum we know won't reach our students or be reprimanded if we don't. When we do what were told and students fail we're still blamed. No one talks about the failing standards
    that teachers are demanded to follow, no one talks about the backroom deals higher

    In order to properly educate a child there are so many factors involved that are outside of a teachers control that it's ridiculous....but who cares about looking at what's really wrong with education in our society when we can blame teachers and feel good about ourselves because we solved the problem.

    Sorry, I forgot to delete a paragraph from that response. It should read:

    Yes, I believe I am worth that much. I can't comment on the worth of high school PE/DE teachers because my wife and I don't teach at the high school level, I only coach at a high school. Where I teach we get four preps a WEEK (five when our principal can afford to hire an extra art or music teacher) and a 20 minute break a when our students are at lunch. However, we do get out at 2:45 which we and many staff members think is too early.

    Your 70% stat is pure speculation. 70% of our teachers don't leave when the bells rings. One of our teachers leave at 2:45 to pick up her baby and comes back to school to work with her baby in hand. Moreover, when I arrive at the high school for practice there are quite a few cars in the teacher lot.

    Now I realize there are bad teachers and trust me when I say no one hates a bad teacher more than a good teacher because bad teachers make our job harder. However, why so many people like to point at the worst teacher and claim that he/she represents all of us is beyond me? As a CPS teacher I have had to deal with some of the most ignorant, drug addicted, mentally unstable parents that ever walked the planet but they don't represent the majority of the parents I work with.

    In order to properly educate a child there are so many factors involved that are outside of a teachers control that it's ridiculous....but who cares about looking at what's really wrong with education in our society when we can blame teachers and feel good about ourselves because we solved the problem.


    You will get what you want, keep pushing for it.

    I personally can't wait for a corporate-operated educational system with uncertified teachers at the helm getting
    computer-based test prep programs booted-up for the students to complete.

    Weren't all the great minds educated in this way? Welcome the era of the unenlightened. Things will be so efficient and succinct. Come on people, there is no use for art, music, literature, complex math & science. Critical thinking- waste of clear answers. Arguments, no need...the corporations will tell use what to do and think. In fact, college educated people will not be needed to be "teachers." Everyone knows how to operate a computer- you don't need a diploma for that. Let's just do distance learning, close down the actual school building (huge money saver) and have students take classes from the comfort of their own homes. We'll have celebrities conduct the lectures, computers grade the scantrons, and have facebook and twitter facilitate the discussions.

    Future of fools here we come!

    I am ready for my children to be the best damn standardized test takers in the world! Those results will save us and them!

    Anything is better than paying a PE/DE teacher $69K/yr. to have prison yard gym classes and health class movie-a-thons and reading from the book as a lesson.

    BTW: In the real world, 75% of CPS teachers would be making $40K/year or less for what they do...and speaking of drug addicts, why doesn't CPS test their employees for drugs, especially security guards and support staff?

    The processes are there for administrators to keep teachers from continuing malpractice in the classroom, gymnasium, etc. The Union is there to make sure the process is followed. CTU doesn't want bad teachers to be in the membership, but it does want rights to be observed. If people start telling their anecdotes about hiring and firing, the public will start to realize that excellent teachers are dismissed or not offered tenure quite often. Vision and dissent are often met with hostility by those in power. Principals and APs need to start authentic evaluations of their staff to determine if a teacher should continue in the system.

    I love how so many people are commenting on a situation that they only know from afar. The teachers are not the bad guys in this situation. They want kids to have access to all the great things that prior generations had: art, music, books, dances, football games, chess club, you name it. I have been all over this city learning as much as I can about the education we offer. Easily, 90% or more of our teachers are busting their backs to make their classrooms work. Some of the money that they make goes back into the classroom for supplies, books, decorations, working computer hardware. Some is given to children for field trips, supplies, and bare necessities. Next time you run into a teacher or coach, ask them how much money goes toward these things. I think the public would be surprised.

    Should the teachers have been brought to the table before politically connected millionaires decided not to honor the legal contract that both sides agreed to? Absolutely, yes. Why weren't they? Because people already have their minds made up about how to dismantle the system. They don't need professionals in the system to help them come up with solutions. Those solutions would cut into the profit margin and growing underclass.

    Are we ready for a world where people are able to break contracts without negotiation? Go for it, let's see where everything shakes out.

    Here's why there are decifits:

    Thanks Reagan, Clinton, and Bushes. Obama please don't continue this insanity of deregulation and tax cuts. Oh, you're probably a part of the club too.

    Yall pple bitch so damn much man

    Here is the problem with unions. All they care about is themselves and ther damn contracts.

    They never ask who will pay for their raises.

    Teachers are important and the unions are there to represent them.

    But who will represent the children and the tax payers.

    The unions only serve the interest of the teacher that's it.

    The CTU does not care wheter a athletic facilites are upgraded. The CTU does not care if the AD hires good coaches.

    The CTS does not care if a students parent job is cut and the parent is laid off because of the economy.

    The problem with all of these raises is that it hurts the economy. For every dollar given to a teacher in teh public sector, that is one less dollar that businesses in the private sector could use to grow the economy.

    At one point, a teacher used to be a public servant. Now we are all servants to them because they want all of our money.

    Dergulation and tax cuts are not the problem. The problem is too much regulation and too much taxes.

    Obama fell into the trap of overregulating and getting us way too much into debt.

    As a result, the economy is suffering, people have no jobs, businesses are not growing, health care is a debacle, and education is not improving.

    The four-percent annual pay raises were in the union contract in black and white -- but so was the language that allowed the money to be taken away...

    Yes, the agreement for a 4% raise was already written. Neil was right in saying that "The CPS school board rejected a 4% raise to teachers as proposed by the Chicago Teachers Union(CTU). The CTU was asking for an additional 4% raise for all teachers."

    The language was written in the agreement that the 4% raise can be recinded. The board exercised that right to get rid of the raise.

    Unions Destroy & To All Teachers,

    Fools. The teachers are not complaining about their 4% raise being cut. Ultimately, a majority of teachers would take a freeze or a cut to pump some money back into the school system and help their peers. The fact is simple: the public school system is receiving inadequate funding while private sector entities are receiving more. Government is selling off the schools to the private sector. Have some vision and see where that we will lead.

    $15 million dollars of TIF money being used to remodel bathrooms at the Chicago Board of Trade. Do you still want to continue your argument? TIF money! The rich are in a battle to crush the poor and diminish the middle class. Ironically, when no one has any more money to buy from the rich...i'll leave that to your imagination. Bloody stuff.

    A poster a few back gave us:

    I suggest reading it. I did some fact checking and it's true. Your argument of anti-Obama, pro-rich people rhetoric is a lie. If you're rich I understand why you would want to spread propaganda that would further your wealth. If not rich, your ignorance and blindness is all the more reason to properly fund public education.

    ...and since you seem to think so highly of the private sector what is it doing to improve all that is in desperate need of improvement? Or better yet, what has it ever done? The city's poor facilities and the conditions of the child are not recent developments. They were forgoten by the private sector a long time ago. In fact, isn't the private sector more guilty of caring about itself than your claim about unions?

    Here you go. Oh rich people, you amaze me. You can turn the working class blind and force them to fight with each other while you run off with all the gold. Anyone who is still blaming teachers is a damn fool.,0,7336557.story

    Oh man, the rich suburbanites ARE taking over. Chicagoans stand-up!

    I am not rich and I am from the city. Most of what you say is convoluted and not based on reality. However, there are a couple things we can agree on. For one, paying top executives more than predecesors is not right.

    Yes, they pay the new CPS chief Brizzard $20,000 more than his predecssor.

    So it is not just the teachers that are getting overpaid it is every one else. Overpayign anyone that holds a public position does no one any good except for the person being overpaid.

    But if I were to overpay, I'll overpay $20,000 to the CPS Chief than $100 million plus to all the teachers. You do the math $20,000 or $100 million.

    Not based on reality? 1. raises are going to be given (those are just the top people, 125 S. Clark St. will have nothing but raises). 2. residency to be waived for appointees.

    So let me ask you, what is your definition of being overpaid? In your world, are these "overpaid" people only open to scrutiny when they are in a public position? Should a private person who receives public funds also be open to that same scrutiny? If so, you have quite a bit to consider: TIFs, bailouts, bonds, etc.

    Also, your logic is twisted. It is not $20,000 vs. $100 million. It would be $20000 vs $2760 (avg. teacher salary raise) The CEO is one person. Each teacher is one person.

    City Born,

    Keep up the good job of informing the public.

    Some people make it seem like the job of an educator is easy! If this job was so easy and they have such good pay and benefits why is the turnover rate over 50%?

    We need to invest in the publis school system and into our educators to try and make their lives easier. They have to deal with A LOT of bullshit! I am not a teacher but I am pro education. We start taking funds away and we will suffer in the long run.

    @ CPS Coach and ...

    Where are you going to get the $100 million?

    To be honest I realize these are hard economic times, therefore I am willing to negotiate my 4% raise or defer it until CPS receives the money owed to them by the state. However, in return I would like CPS to agree to a forensic audit so we can truly see where the money is going. Lastly, I want CPS to work with the union (conversely, I want CTU to work with the CPS)so we can save jobs and most importantly educate children.

    fucking greedy CPS people don't get it...the state is broke...the city is people are slowly getting repalced by charter schools and the kids you're getting at your schools are considered the 'throwaway' kids...I'm happy to see CPS teachers not getting their 4% raises...expect to lose step increases in pay in the next contract, tenure, and drastically reduced pension benefits and sick day allotments....expect to start losing sick days after the Jodi Weis crap

    In any other 'real life' working environment and not the pretend world of CPS, a shitload of CPS teachers would be shown the door. And, with the new school board, expect things to change and wave bye bye to beating the students out of the doors when the school bell rings.

    CPS has been hemorrhaging money for years because of waste in man hours, salaries, resources, supplies, transportation costs, etc..

    That was an outstanding Internet rant! All it was missing was facts and ALL CAPS.






    Well the caps were a nice touch, but you still seem to confuse opinion with fact.

    what isn't fact? Neil not looking like the Filipino guy that dresses like a broad?

    The "FACT" guy is an absolute moron. He has no clue what really goes stupid sheep.

    The CPS or the City. I think the CPS is inefficient in it's organization and spending, but no one in the City will do anything for fear that they will be next in not being allowed to spend frivolously and hire incompetence.

    Gas Prices alone have gone up by more than that. That doesn't make us greedy. No one should have to justify the desire to make money. Not in America, sorry.

    Not really. They are taking in the good kids who do not get into Whitney Young, Payton, Lane, Northside, or Jones. No family would put their kids in a charter school over a magnet school. And how are those charter schools doing? Urban Prep brags that they send 100% of it's class to college, but what they don't tell you is that they kick out the poor performing Sophomores and Juniors so that they don't look bad. Demand to have Charter schools held accountable via their test scores. You'll see that they are nothing more than a neighborhood school that makes kids wear better uniforms.

    Is this a fact or a prediction. I predict you will see the first strike in the CPS since 1987.

    The opposite of being a bailed out CEO who gives themselves a six figure bonus. Some of the things these kids and families pull is really pretty unbelievable.

    So the FACT poster was right. some greedy teacher poster just had to justify why teachers will go on strike for not getting an extra $40 a week, even though they average $69,000 a year in salary. That's greedy anyway you look at it. and all the other FACTS are true, this greedy teacher poster just has their head in the sand and is worried that the world of CPS waste will finally cave in and most teachers easy days are over. Thank God for Mayorus Rahmulus.

    I think people are missing the point about the raise. On a whole, teachers would take a freeze, maybe even a cut, if City Hall, The Board, and their friends were earnest in properly funding education. Even better, if the Board was interested in renegotiating elements within our system that would make for a world-class education for all involved, we would.

    We realize that funding nation-wide is limited. Revenues are down. The economy is enduring some hard times. But for whom? If we were really in cash-strapped times, no one would be receiving any sort of bonus, raise, handout, bailout, right?

    Well, that's not what is happening. There are entities making hundreds of billions (trillions all together) of dollars off our economic crisis. A good number of you seem to be ok with that. You are not demanding that they sacrifice. Instead, you are perfectly content with giving/selling them things that belong to you- the public. You are not are telling them to improve facilities, buy books, provide technology, offer work programs for parents who are unemployed, improve infrastructure.

    Sadly, we are telling Ms. Smith in room 102 that she is to blame. She is being too greedy. That she with her thirty 35 runny-nosed, hungry, wide-ranging skill spectrum of 1st graders are bankrupting the system. How dare you Ms. Smith and you 38 six & seven year olds! Quit your whining, we can't afford you.

    Bravo to you Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros., Bank of America, Chase! We're behind you! Continue with your credit and debt swaps! Continue to provide bad loans to individual borrowers in addition to entities like the City of Chicago and Chicago Board of Ed. Oh LAX parking, we'll plow and repair the spots for your privately owned "public" parking spaces. No worries, you just collect the money. We're here to obey. Let us know when things will be better, can you please?

    here's the thing....all this crap has been going on for years and CPS teachers have had their own kind of "DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL"...but now...the poor teachers aren't getting their 4% raise and now its the end of the world....maybe if proper evaluations would have been in place to root out all the bad teachers, things would be better...but, also a there's a shitload of borderline illiterate teachers and staff members in the system.

    How mnay teachers were GIVEN their jobs out of
    "who they knew, not what they knew"?

    If you're a CPS teacher and kept quiet about things going on than you're part of the problem!

    It's time CPS teachers started to earn their 9-month, 7.25 hours/day salaries.

    What's going to happen if all schools go to year round schedules?

    All the good kids...ha! Can't get into the selective enrollments? Go to the Private/Catholic school. Can't get into or afford those? Move to the suburbs. Can't pick up and move to the suburbs? Go to the neighborhood school. What's that? It's a charter school? Am I smart enough to home school? Go to a charter school.

    I have a question for those stating CPS is hemorrhaging money and has been for years, why aren't you mad at the board of education and the CEO? If you believe that teachers are overpaid why aren't you going after those who agreed to pay them? Why is there never a fight for an elected school board like suburban school districts instead of a mayor appointed one? What better way to improve education for your child then to be able to elect those who make the decisions regard education?

    Also, why is there never a group of people online demanding that this school district have a superintendent instead of a CEO?

    Lastly, if you believe that teachers are overpaid, lazy, 2:30 leaving imbeciles why have you allowed the school board, CPS CEO, and mayor to get away with running a district that would tolerate this for decades? Don't blame CTU, the city has had there chances to changes things in negotiations.

    But's cool people who earn $55,000 can keep on online attacking and slandering people who earn $60,000 while those who "earn" $250,000 and more keep approving pay raises and perks for themselves at the expense of all of us. This is not just an attack on teachers, it is an attack on the working class and you may be next! However, when they attack your job I will stand by your side instead of kick you when your down.

    This is a complicated issue. The Teachers Unions are not 100% to blame, nor do they deserve 0% blame.

    Here is why the last posters arguments have some flaws. For one, despite the increase in salaries for the CPS executives, their salaries are actually lower compared to similar executives from the top 10 largest cities.

    Whereas with teachers, CPS teachers are one of the highest paid compared to teachers from the top 10 largest salaries.

    It is also the system and who created the systems to blame. Politicians created this entitlement mentality with teachers (and everyone else with social security, welfare, medicare, and more). People feel they are entitled to something when actually they are not.

    A welfare receipient, once they got on the addiction of a government check do not want it taken away.

    A medicare recipient, once they get healthcare paid for form other peoples dollar, never want it reformed.

    Likewise, a teacher once they are addicted to 4% automaitic raises year in and year out, always want their raise.

    The Teachers Unions are bitching because they are not gettign more money. Money was never taken away from their paychecks, they just did not get more money.

    Sorry teachers, you are not owed or entitled anything. If you hate your situation, your high paying cushy job, you are free to quit it at anytime.

    The teachers work hard but not harder than anyone else. What makes teachers different than the rest of us? Hwat makes teachers feel they are a special class and DESERVE this raise.

    Again, quit crying and start working. If you hate your job so much quit it and find something else. Quit thinking you can steal our money and keep dipping into our pockets. We are not going to just sit here while you steal from us.

    Mayor Emmanuel has surprised me. He is doing a good job so far.

    Emmanuel grew up in the suburbs in Wilmette, where their school system is fiscally sound and does a good education. Chicagoans voted for change. Emmanuel has given it.

    So CTU grow up and face your new reality. This is the guy you voted for.

    I agree with the last poster. If teacher's don't like it, let them go work a manual labor job and see what work really is. Their dishwasher hands free of calluses wil be a hurtin' sorry teachers..awwwwwwww, so sad, tear, tear

    Working class vs. working class...yes, just the way the rich want it! I can't quit educating knowing that my students are going home to gullible fools like you.

    No teacher is out here saying he/she deserves a raise. We want adequate funding for public education. That is not an argument for higher salaries. That is an argument for lower class room sizes, proper materials, technology, updated facilities...the list can go on for days. Your children deserve better.

    New Trier- fiscally sound- damn well better be. Do you know what the property taxes are up there in Wilmette, Winnetka, Kenilworth, etc? It is so racially and economically diverse as well (sarcasm)! Are you really using that district as your model? Ok, Chicagoans buckle up "Sorry Teachers" blog poster wants you to multiple your property taxes by at least 5. Fools.

    Wow! Some of you people are so ignorant! You think being a teacher is easy? If its soooooo easy why dont you try to become one and get all there amazing benefits and their average 60k a year by doing nothing. Stop being sheeps and read between the lines! Stop listening to the media. Get a clue! Teachers quit left and right because the job is stressful and extremely difficult. Don't believe me, look up cps teacher turnover rates. Morons

    Wait, did you compare teachers to welfare and medicare recipients? What a horrible and misguided analogy.

    Also, CPS teacher salaries are not in top three of large cities.

    I know plenty of teachers that would negotiate or forgo their raises if the board agrees to a forensic audit. What is wrong with that?

    Whittier Elementary. Enough said. Recall the board. People who are not Chicagoans don't care about Chicagoans. Get rid of them. Stand up Chicago.

    This argument is not about the the value of teachers. Everyone agrees and respects teachers. Yes teachers work hard. Though not as hard as everyone else.

    We appreciate the work that teachers. What we don't appreciate is the ranting, crying, and complaing out of reality teachers are.

    We are still in a major recession. People are losing jobs or their hours are cut dramatically. People's main sources of wealth in the stock market and in the volumes of their homes have diminished.

    The amount of taxes the government is much much less because of the economy.

    So the main source of state and local funding has been reduced by a combination of less taxes and increasing expenses.

    What this means is that we are in a new reality. A reality where we simply cannot afford to increase expenses.

    Yes paying teachers more is an expense. Emmanuel is simply making a business decision when he does not want to add an additional $100 million to the budget by increasing teachers salaries.

    When Emmanuel does not want to pay the increases, it does not mean that he hates teachers. No, he is sayign we cannot afford to pay for more teachers in these economic times.



    We get it. Thanks for the nice, neat lesson on why raises are not being offered. You should post this stuff on

    The question is what needs to be done so that we do not keep going down this road. You say we are in a new reality, but ultimately we are not. It's business as usual for the wealthy. Our economic process is very much the same. Rich individuals and corporations continue to get their tax cuts and free giveaways while the rest of us have to carry the burden of supporting our society. What did we think 30+ years of extreme tax cuts on the rich would get us?

    The working lower and middle classes are not responsible for the financial crisis we are in, but strangely enough they are being blamed and demonized for it. They are so greedy! Ha! Does any one on this site do any research? Read something that is not politicized about the banking industry, corporate loopholes, TIFs in urban areas, Charter Schools, Funding in education, etc. I think you will come to the conclusion that much more than a CTU Contract needs to be altered. America needs a new, just political and economic system.

    Stop blaming Emanuel for the lack of 4% raise. BLAME YOURSELF. How many schools have graduation rates of 80% in CPS? How many have dropout rates of 40%-45%? Those numbers don't lie. How many CPS schools have PSAE and ACT scores in the dumpster?

    You teachers all complain about not having enough time at school. Well, you're going to get it.

    You teachers all complain about a lack of parental involvement. You're going to get it.

    See, the biggest problem I see here is teachers have serious entitlement issues and other than working as a teacher out of college, they're never worked in the REAL world.

    The REAL world dictates that you must have more success than failure. And, then once you can do that, and only then, can you be considred for a raise or salary increases.

    What CPS has been doing for years is giving entitled teachers raises for not being successful.

    The days of giving away tax dollars under the guise that it's for the kids is no longer plausible.

    CPS teachers: Welcome to REAL world, I'm glad you could finally make it.

    Emmanual went and did this the wrong way. No discussion, no negotiation. He's a little dictator. First off, lets not call it a raise anymore. It has always been refereed to as a cost of living increase. Tough times, costs have gone up. Gas prices are a prime example.
    So now we have to pay for the agreed upon increase in costs for our health care, increased taxes to the state, higher gas prices, higher food costs, and higher costs in general. Meanwhile the city gets to back out of their agreed upon cost of living increase. So we are going to have to deal with it. It is what it is. The board should have projected these costs and made an adjustment when we signed our contract years ago.
    There are other ways to cut waste in our city budget. Start at the top. There are way too many people working in government earning more than teachers and contributing less.
    @Real World: You have no idea how to live as a teacher. I am at a school where 99% of our kids graduate. Yes, I'm lucky to be at a magnet school, but why is it you feel that I am not deserving of this increase? You group all teachers into one and classify them as bad. It's a shame when you look at bad teachers and classify all teachers as bad and undeserving. I feel that I am deserving. I easily spend 10-12 hours at school with kids, come home and grade papers, and am accountable to parents. Now, I'm becoming disgruntled. Maybe I should go home at 3:30 every day instead of staying until 5-7:00. I would be definitely working 4% less.
    Additionally, how is this going to make parents more involved? Any good teacher knows that the source of bad students is bad parenting. You can't make the parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol suddenly become a blue ribbon parent. You can't make that parent who doesn't have a job and can't get public aid all of sudden become more concerned with getting their kid to do their homework while they have problems of their own.
    Year round schools and longer days: I think that you will find that a lot of teachers are all for both. Our summers are too long, and we do need more time with our kids. Don't blame us for that not happening now. I think everyone will agree that this should, and eventually will happen.
    Entitlement. Now that's where you're wrong. Earned, and agreed to. That's what we ask. Again, you can't fault someone for wanting to earn more money. Not in America. You folks who think that you make capitalism go around, you want longer days, fine. You want year round schools, fine. We want you to wake up and join us in fighting against the TIF Funds robbing the entire city. Mayor Daley has created a slush fund for himself and now Emmanuel. You don't hear Rahm talking about shutting that down. Of course not, it's his to play with. For the last four years the TIF funds have been taking 400 MILLION away from the public services. 200 MILLION a year should be going to the schools. Do the math. Over four years, that's 800 Million that the schools have been deprived of. What is our current deficit? 751 MILLION? I think that's the current number. And what have we gotten from those TIF Funds. New bathrooms at the board of trade, and hundreds of monies given to developers to put up unaffordable condos. Many of which never got finished ar are either vacant or going through foreclosure now. Need to know more about that? Go here:

    rebuttal: CTU is a weak union so prepare yourself for whatever Mayorous Rahmulus wants. Have all the teachers fired or displaced last year been given their jobs back? Nope

    Karen Lewis is drinking Mai Tais in Hawaii and you guys picket without her. That's laughable!! And, Marilyn Stewart and her $200K club were worse than the current people in charge of the CTU. Uniuon dues, what a waste! They get you guys nothing and are helpless.

    If you really want to help and make a difference, stop hiding and get out of the magnet school and go to a neighborhood school that needs your talent.

    Tecahers like you get me sick, You whine when you don't get things. While, all the time you're working at the best schools with the best students.

    rebuttal to rebuttal,

    What is the point? Your 2008 article? Please enlighten.

    The best teachers are all over the system, not just in the magnet schools. The problems that face the schools go far beyond any teacher. Give the city & schools adequate funding! Public money belongs to the public not corporations!

    The point of the 2008 article was to show you all the salaries at CTU and the lack of support you teachers received from them. And, the new CTU officers have been refusing to reavel their salaries.

    Was the CTU really fighting for more funding for you teachers are just for more money for you teachers?

    Here's the grim reality, CPS isn't going to get any TIFs and they're not going to get anyone to be transparent in regards to saying where the money is or goes..

    Wake up, you teachers knew you were getting into a broken system when you took your jobs, now you teachers are crying a river because the money train has boarded and left the station.

    The point of your 2008 article written by a pretty vital member (John Kugler) of the current CTU leadership...was what? It's really difficult to understand what you are attempting to articulate. Just so you know, 2010 is when the new leadership was voted in to office.

    Karen Lewis- $187,584 (just under $40,000 less than what the previous union president was getting). Quit spreading the propaganda that the current CTU leadership is not publishing their salaries. It's a lie.

    What you seem to not understand is that teachers are not asking for the raise. It was something that they agreed to three years was what the city offered them! They took it. What is so difficult for people to understand about that?

    What we should ultimately want is for the city and their corporate buddies to adequately fund the public sector of our city. If corporations are using public monies to further their businesses, it's only fair that they use some of their profits to fund our public base. They are not.

    Well, publish the CTU members' salaries. Where are they? I know Michael Sneed of the Sun-Times would like to know too.

    Where's the link?

    Also, let's be honest, a large number of CPS teachers could care less about funding and class size. If those were so important, why didn't they picket BEFORE in great numbers like they did after you guys lost the 4% raise?

    Fucking greedy! $40 a week is what the CPS teachers aren't getting. What big crybabies you CPS teachers are.

    The police didn't get their promised raises and they bit the bullet and dropped the subject. Why can't you entitled teachers do the same?


    I know a smart teachers and he told me that his biggest fear is that he paid money into his pension system and he fears that he will never get the money.

    He has every right to feel that way because all the pension funds remaining have about $80 billion left in them. But, the state of Illinois owes over $270 Billion in pension benefits. Do the math, we are short $190 Billion.

    It comes down to all the teachers bitching about not getting your greedy raise.

    You can ask for all the money you want. But the state does not have it.

    Quit looking at TIFs's, otehr exec salaries, and waste in other departments. Look at your own self.

    Unless the Chicago Teachers Union (and to be fair the execs, and the rest of the state, and other Unions) take some serious actions like pay concessions, pension contributions, and do more with less, you won;t eve rget your pension. It will not be there.

    Ironically, the biggest fear of teachers which is not getting their pensions is getting worse and worse every day. As each day passes, the money in the piggy bank to pay you is getting smaller.

    The bottom line is that unless the CTU, the CPS, and the city and state make drastic changes soon and start spending money amerter. NOBODY WILL GET THEIR MONEY.

    Sneed is an idiot. Is she still supporting GW Bush? You are also an idiot for not researching very easily found answers.

    Let's see how smart you are Chicago. Here is the union contract (the salary schedules are in there!). Below that is the salary policy for the current CTU leadership.

    The CTU leadership told delegates recently that the newly elected union officers will reduce their salaries by tying their pay to what they would earn as teachers, but be compensated for a full year. This earned a loud round of applause from the delegates.

    According to the CTU, Lewis will earn her CTU president salary as a regular teacher, while being paid an IFT part-time salary for the two months vacation time that CPS teachers are not compensated for.

    If I don't know where the information is, how can you call me an idiot? Oh yeah, that's right, you're an entitled CPS teacher in one of the worst school districts in the USA and you're still steaming about not getting your $40/week raise..Wah Wah

    I feel bad for your students when you go off of them you fucking ungrateful, entitled mother fucker.

    It seems you have all the answers, why don't you go clean up Clemente, Orr, Wells, and all ther other crappy schools then?

    here's my suggestion, keep your trap shut, stay off the keyboards, and pray to God you're at a magnet school. Otherwise, you would be crying a nother river about this and that

    The CPS is laying of 1,000 teachers.,0,3263116.story

    That's the good news. The stupid news is that many of them will not only be rehired as substitutes, but many of them will also be given one year of pay because they got laid off.

    I know tons of people in the private sector who will gladly take one years salary (in the case for teachers with tenure about $75,000) to get laid off from their job, then take Unemployment insurance for a year (about another $30,000).

    In other words, do not feel sorry in any way for a laid off teacher. They get one year pay plus Unemployment to get "laid" off.

    They get about $100,000 cash in a year to get laid off.

    Duh, that is a great deal for a teacher and studpid deal for the taxpayers who get shafted.

    This type of "deal" was negotiatied by teachers unions.

    Teachers will never have any sympathy from me.

    so after reading a good amount of this debate, I'm a bit confused. Many teachers and non-teachers have posted saying that they want "more funding for schools", to put it broadly, but at the same time want a pay raise. Obviously this pay raise was more important to the teachers than "funding for schools", or else you would have asked for that. How about instead of asking for more money for yourself, you ask for more money for the schools, which you pretend to care about all the time.

    This sounds like those commercials on TV that attack teachers pensions, but dont mention the fact that teachers arent eligible for social security because they dont pay into it. Neil, you are a giant undeducated turd, who should not be writing about anything but sports, because ultimately, what you think about sports isn't going to effect anyones lives except maybe the specific kids you hype up, some of whom aren't even that good. There are so many mistakes in this article that it's laughable. "...what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul." -Billy Madison

    Re: to entitled and big mouthed teacher

    I am not a teacher. I am a Chicagoan who is tired of seeing corporations and corrupt politicians treat our blood, sweat, and tears as though it is nothing.

    Again, the information that everyone is acting as though is secret is readily available. Find it. Gossip columnists are not a reliable source. Quit spreading propaganda.

    From what I see and hear in this blog and others, is that teachers are not concerned about a raise. They want the school system correctly funded: books, technology, staff, facilities. I know teachers/coaches who spend thousands of dollars of their own money to make sure the kids in their charge have materials and items fundamental to success. Tell me, where in the private sector that, that happens?

    You also characterize places like Clemente, Orr, and Wells as horrible places. You are not alone in your sentiments. The people in power see them in the same light. It is the reason that they are making massive cuts in their funding. Like you, they have given up, or at least don't see public education and the kids in the system as something worthwhile. Because of the demographics of these schools, it is 21st century racism.

    Teachers at schools that are constantly under pressure to raise test scores and meet AYPs while the carpet of funding and curriculum is pulled out from under you each year, keep up the fight. This true Chicagoan is behind you. I appreciate everything you do and know that our kids are better for the experience you provide them. We are here to stay..."I Will, the Spirit of Chicago"

    "teachers arent eligible for social security because they dont pay into it. Neil, you are a giant undeducated turd,"

    - CSL guy

    I agree that teachers do not pay into social security.

    The reason teachers do not go do social security is that the pension is a much better deal. Pension are guaranteed payments and teachers are vested into it at a much earlier age. While the rest of us working smucks wait until 65 to get social security, teachers get their pension at a much early age - some at the age of 50.

    Also, the way social security works, anyone gets social security as long as you had any kind of job. Most teachers have had a job prior to being a teacher.

    So when a teacher retires, she gets her pension AND social security.

    How much social security pays out is based on how much you pay into it. If you only pay into it while working crappy jobs to get through college, the amount is pays out is going to be extremely minimal.

    For example, I only worked a couple jobs that had decent pay for a person with no degree, but it was just a job to have cash while going through college. I am now working for the board. Assuming I work as a teacher until retirement age, and nothing about social security changes, the payouts would be extremely minimal.

    The problem with teachers and other public sector union workers is that they operate by different rules than everyone else. So a teacher gets a pension AND social security. Whereas everyone else get's only social security.

    A pension offers much better retirement benefit at the cost of the tax payer for the most part. If you don't believe me, ask any teacher is they would rather trade social security for their pension and none of them will want that trade.

    The reality is that the teachers union negotiated an unfair pension system to teachers. So teachers operate by completely different rules and thus get much better pay and retirement benefits than everyone else.

    When I goto the grocery store, I want to pay less for the apples I buy.

    When someone buys a car, he negotiates with the seller to get the best price.

    When a corporation buys office supplies, the corporation wants to buy the supplies of the best quality at the lowest price.

    But, when the government pays for teachers, there is no talk about hiring teachers at the best combo of price and quality.

    Not only that but the teacher bitch, cry, and complain, all along the way. It is the role of a smart governement not too overpay for things.

    In this case, teachers are being overpaid in benefits and salaries.

    Another example of government overextending and overreaching themselves.

    Why should the government operate by different rules. Teachers are no more special than anyone else.

    I find it ironic that the people of the business world and private sector are calling teachers greedy when they went in to their respective fields and lines of work specifically for the compensation. NO TEACHER EVER WENT INTO EDUCATION FOR THE MONEY! Reading this board it would seem that being a teacher is an elite position in the work force. Longer days? fine. Longer school year? fine. Niether will change the productivity of the students unless there is a VALUE OF EDUCATION in the home.

    Teachers do go into the profession for the money and especially the benefits.

    Ask a new college grad if $52,000 or so year plus gold plated benefits is a good deal. Because that is what some teachers with a starting salaries make.

    We have 28% unemployment for people between the ages of 21 and 27 and somehow, teachers are still being way over paid.

    Salaries for teachers could go down 30% and you will still have a line out the door of young people wanting to go into it.

    It used to be that teachers were the public servants - now we are all the servants of the teachers and public sector unions.

    You don't believe me?

    Why don't you goto the administrative offices of the Maine Township School District. Ask the two little old ladies in the front desk who show up to work exactly at 8:00am with their Starbucks coffee. You would think they are harmless public servants. Until you find out their salaries. They are both earning over $100,000/year.

    If you don't think that is overpaid and greedy then tell me what is?,0,70502.story
    CPS teachers really getting 'the shaft'

    4:00 PM CDT, June 27, 2011

    I am a Chicago Public Schools teacher. According to Mayor Emmanuel, I give my students "the shaft" every day, so I do not deserve my 4 percent cost of living raise this year. Oh, and CPS has a deficit of over $700 million, and I need to do my share.

    CPS has an annual budget of approximately $6 billion which translates to almost $15,000 per child. That sounds pretty good and is in line with many of the wealthy suburban communities. But what most people do not know is that out of that $6 billion, about $3.7 billion goes directly to the schools for teachers, principals, paperclips and so on, while a whopping $1.6 billion is spent by Central Office and the Area Offices. That is 43 percent of the budget! Forty-three percent of the budget is not allocated to the schools. That means that only $9,024 per child is spent directly in the school and $3,942 per child goes to Central Office and Area expenses. Suburban schools tend to spend about 40% less in district costs per child.

    Now, I realize that CPS needs a Central Office to handle things like payroll; but, if that bloated budget of $1.6 billion could be cut by 40 percent, then we would save $700 million. Isn't that about the size of the supposed deficit?

    Perhaps the excessive expenses of the Central and Area Offices are the real reason why our students are getting "the shaft."

    -- Sophia du Brul, Chicago

    Copyright © 2011, Chicago Tribune

    Can someone post a link to districts where starting salaries are $52,000 for first year teachers with an undergraduate degree?

    yep, go to CPS salary schedule click on the dropdwown under current employees on

    The total compensation, including pension pickup is over $52K for 1st year CPS teachers and maybe more now

    Check out page 5 of this link:

    Total compensation for 1st year CPS teachers is $63,573

    The pension pays out so well, because the teachers are basically forfeiting a decent sized chunk of their paycheck, to get it back later, with interest. The government is supposed to invest it so they can afford to payout the pensions. Obviously they currently suck at that.

    And although it sounds kind of ghoulish, the whole idea was, that the government was gambling that pensionholders would die early. Seems like they failed to account for medical advances.

    That salary is for a 52 week position - meaning a teacher who teaches all 52 weeks of the year - which is extremely rare. That is not the salary a first year teacher at the average CPS school is making- or even close

    That makes your argument even worse. The average teachers works 9 months out of year, the rest of us work 12 months.

    Most teachers in a 1.0 teaching positions are paid for 52 weeks as they have extended pay which pays them through their 'off-months"

    ^ become a teacher, if your not willing to make the sacrifices to become a teacher and educate the future of our society just stfu. All I hear is teachers are getting paid too much, they get all this time off...blah blah...become a damn teacher and get all there awesome benefits. Doubt you will though and if you did doubt you would want to teach in the cps. Stop looking at salary figures and look at cps teacher turnover rates. And try to come up with a logical explanation on why we lose so many teachers each year.

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