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    May 16, 2010


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    I am glad to see the CPS cutting back on some expenditures. Cutting student aides are a good thing. Also cost cutting on the Drivers Ed Lab programs will help.

    However, the CPS has done nothing on the biggest expenditure of all- the overpay of unionized drivers ed instructors. Not only do they overpay them in salaries (some of them are earning 90,000 +. But they are vastly overpaying them is tax payer subsidized benefits. The CPS drivers ed instructors can easily be replaced by a private company where the labor expenses will be 40% less and an even you'll have even bigger benefits expenses. I estimate the CPS can save over 30 million in Drivers Ed cuts alone. But they won't ever do this drastic cutting of Union instructors because the teachers Unions have a giant stranglehold on the CPS.

    Another way CPS can cut expenditures is to privitize the security at all schools, check out the (3) youtube links here and you can tell the Prosser Career Academy High School security guards are 'out to lunch' again:

    Isn't it time CPS started to run their schools like a business and not some 'money-draining' system?

    If you're a CPS employee or City of Chicago resident, you're well aware of the waste that takes place in CPS schools in terms of materials used, time wasted, and 'poorly run' programs.

    An example of a 'poorly run' program is Prosser's shop classes. Prosser's shop classes like all other CPS ones, aren't working as a whole and it's time to 'stop the bleeding' of taxpayers' monies. (Tons of paper, printer ink, wood, glue, nails, auto shop supplies, etc..are being wasted for students which aren't learning anything in their shop classes)

    Here's another way Prosser's shops waste taxpayers' money

    CPS high school teachers get paid on a step scale for years service and the amount of education they have.....for example, (8) Prosser shop teachers have (6) periods each, (1) period more than regular classroon teachers.....the (8) Prosser shop teachers with 5+ years of teaching experience are paid on the average $80K to teach (5) classes....according to Chicago Teacher Union (CTU) rules: every extra teaching period over (5) teaching class periods increases the teacher's pay by an additional 20% of their base pay.

    So, (5) teaching periods of shop pays average of $80k to (8) Prosser shop teachers.......

    And, the additional teaching period for (8) Prosser shop teachers pays another $15K- $20K on top of their base salary of $80K, which comes to $100K for (8) Prosser shop teachers. (That's $120K - $160K total for 8 Prosser shop teachers to get paid for the extra period each day and $800K in total salaries)

    Here's the kicker......Several of Prossers senior students are in the ETC work study program and leave their 'triple' shop period (6th, 7th,& 8th) after 7th period and others cut or walk the halls leaving only 20%-30% students left in shop classes for 8th period....So, (8) Prosser shop teacher do nothing more than 'babysitting' and get $120K- $160K and BS with the students left in the class

    This isn't about black or white, it's about green that's being wasted on shop classes which aren't getting students ready for life after high school.

    85%-95% of Prosser students aren't working in any field related to their shop classes from their ETC 'work study' program. And, I'm sure this is the same city-wide.

    While, I don't have the numbers, I'm sure there are less students which work in the field of which they take shop classes at Prosser after graduating.

    The city's taxpayers are getting robbed by CPS, especially paying teachers an extra $20K to 'babysit' an additional class period.

    Once again, this fall under the leadership of lasy ass Ken Hunter.
    He could care less if the students learn or not. As long as He can take his FREE trips to Birmingham, England on the tax payers' money;AND HAVE HIS RETIRED TEACHER PAID TO SIT IN HIS OFFICE EVERY DAY AND HOLD HIS HAND. Mr. Tookeeper, can't even tell you where a tool is!.Kenny allows more students to enter Prosser to increase HIS percentages. He could care less if they learn or not. Wake up!!! POOR LEADERSHIP AT PROSSER IS WHY THE SCHOOL IS FAILING!! Stupid Local School Council can't read; why would they need the students to read?


    The third video was during a pep rally. Every school gets like that during a pep rally. Trust me that's not an every day thing.

    Too bad they didn't have the thug gangbanger Demetrius on You Tube stealing Mr. Battista's car and crashing it and Mr. Dattilo geting hit in the face with an egg by another student. Both teachers wanted to press charges against the students (and rightfully so), but, Principal Kenny 'Spineless' Hunter told them that it would be better for them not to. As Spineless didn't want any negative pub to come to Prosser so people could come to Prosser see his 'Wild Kingdom'.

    And, this allowed Demetrius and the other student to continue to hold the people of Prosser hostage and held people in terror while they both caused more trouble at Prosser

    Way to keep Prosser a safe school with thugs like Demetrius, Kenny!

    Coming Tuesday:

    Prosser teachers hoarding extra class periods for nearly '$20K a pop' while fellow Chicago Teachers Union members are out of work

    Ken Hunter is as dumb as they come.It is so obvious what you are "trying" to do with this blog. Just LEAVE. KEN HUNTER HAS A SALARY OF $154K!!!! FOR WHAT?? TO PLAY HIS GUITAR???

    After the 2008-09 school year, 400 teachers were displaced (including 15 High School Physical Education teachers). And, this year up to 2,700 teachers and 300 non-teaching union members could be out of a job if class sizes rise from an average of 30 to 35.

    Yet, no Prosser teacher was displaced last year and none seem to be in danger this year. Basically, because Prosser Principal Kenneth Hunter increased the enrollment to save teacher jobs. (And, probably to increase his budget for his pizza parties, trips to England, and employ some of his 'henchmen' to do nothing at Prosser)

    And, because of the increased enrollment at Prosser at the start of the 2009-10 school year, extra classes were a necessity. At least (2) positions could have been created and given to out of work teachers from these extra periods at Prosser at the start of the year:

    There were the (14) extra class periods listed on the 2009-10 Prosser Master Schedule to start the school year:

    Computer Placeholder (1 extra period-ep)
    Science Placeholder (1 ep)
    Math Placeholder classes (1 ep)
    Art Placeholder (2 eps)
    PE Placeholder (4 eps)
    English Placeholder (5 eps)

    The (5) 'English Placeholder' periods were given to a newly hired teacher at Prosser this year. But, all the rest of the (9) extra periods were given to 'most tenured teachers in each area. Thus, allowing for Prosser teachers already making an average of $80K to make an additional $15K-$20K for the extra period on their schedules for a cost to the City of Chicago and taxpayers of between $135K-$180K for the 2009-10 school year.

    While, one of the extra periods resulted in 'potential' employment (English teacher) for one of the (400) displaced teachers, another position wasn't created for one of the (15) displaced PE teachers. Some may say that there was only (4) extra PE periods at Prosser and a high school teacher needs (5) classes for a full schedule. This is true in one sense, but, the union contract allows for this exception:

    **CPS high school teachers can be assigned no more than one teaching period outside of their subject area in addition to the classes in their subject area to help satisfy the requirement of (5) teaching periods to their schedule.**

    So, a PE teacher could have been hired to teach (4) periods of PE and (1) of the other extra subject areas. The assumption is the PE teacher could have taught a Science class because of the courses the PE teacher took in college, where many took science classes to attain their PE degrees.

    Or, the extra introductory, freshman computer class at Prosser could have been a possibility.

    THIS hiring of another PE teacher could have saved taxpayers between $30K -$55K in teacher salaries based on hiring a PE teacher at $45K/year and the $15K-$20K tenured Prosser teachers received for the (5) extra periods on their schedules.

    WHY WASN"T THIS DONE? It wasn't done because none of the Prosser teacher union reps and the Prosser administration failed to report this to the union or to CPS so they can help "THEIR' teachers earn another $15K-$20K per period in salary

    Thus, Prosser teachers 'quietly' HOARDED extra class periods. These HOARDED class periods could have resulted in one of the (400) displaced teachers to be employed at Prosser, allowed for one displaced teacher to stop being used as substitute teacher, and allowed one of the substitute teachers to work.

    And, here's the kicker on the (4) extra PE class periods:

    (2) of the periods went to other PE teachers giving them each (6) class periods and an extra $15K- 20K in salary or $30K-$40K in total salary.

    (2) of the periods were turned into ENGLISH classes and given to Prosser ENGLISH teachers. Thus, giving the Prosser students (2) ENGLISH classes and no PE Class

    So, these (4) extra PE periods cost the taxpayers between $60K-$80K in total salaries and another $15-$20K for another 'tenured' teacher to HOARD the other extra period that a new PE teacher could have put in their class schedule.

    Final cost for (4) extra PE periods and one extra period a new PE teacher could have handled is anywhere from $75K-$100K instead of the $45K-$50K it would have cost for a new PE teacher (and possible coach) at Prosser Career Academy High School.

    Here's my advice to those who keep posting negativity on the principal of Prosser: Go back to school and get a Type 75 administration certificate, apply and obtain a principalship, and then run the school the way YOU feel fit. You see, you may not like the way he runs things, but he has earned the right to run it HIS way and if you don't like it then you should go somewhere else.

    @Harlan fan

    This coming from anyone associated with a corrupt school like Harlan carries no weight....the truth hurts and it will catch up to the Prosser principal and his pals as well and maybe you.......maybe that's what you don't like, people airing the truth about misuse of funds and screwing the TAXPAYERS, not the people like you collecting checks at home and watching Maury and Cheaters because of they ways you weres this you?

    To Prosser,

    What does an entry level teacher at Prosser earn?

    What does a teacher with 5 years experience earn?

    I bet you it's gotta be about 50k.

    @ Liberty Fan:

    Starting Salary (Bachelor's Degree
    School Year -- 40 Weeks/193 days
    = $48,631

    Starting Salary (Master's Degree) School Year -- 40 Weeks/193 days
    = $52,000


    Add 4% (.04) raise each year and you get this with a BA:

    1. 48,631
    2. 50,576
    3. 52,599
    4. 54,702
    5. 56,890

    With an MA:

    1. 52,000
    2. 54,080
    3. 55,343
    4. 57,556
    5. 59,858

    I don't know anyone from Prosser. But what I do know is that when I read your literature I get the impression that you are a disgruntled teacher who uses this blog to air out their frustrations because in real life you have no real substance against Hunter.

    And someone posted an issue about him giving teachers an extra class as opposed to hiring another teacher. That's smart for at least three reasons. 1. He rewards staff who are loyal; 2. He won't have to fire that extra teacher the next year due to budget cuts. All he'll have to do is take away the extra classes from the teachers. 3. He has one less teacher that won't get opposed to some disgruntled teacher.

    You are wasting your time posting here thinking people are going to be sympathetic to you or that some harm is going to come to you. People who slam their bosses anonymously are cowards and lack any credibility. Plain and simple.

    @ Harlan Fan;
    Real Substance against your friend, Ken Hunter is at the Law Department. This school has had ongoing investigations against your friend, Ken Hunter all year. Your friend, Ken Hunter bought the local school council for a job. Your friend, Ken Hunter continues to buy the local school council and cry to the Aldermans and pay for his cover-ups>(contributions).
    This blog allows the truth to come forward. Average yearly progress; never met; plain and simple. Your friend, Ken Hunter is a waste of the taxpayers money.

    @ Harlan Fan

    Now I know why other people on other posts on this blog have written you off. You're a moron and can't put together a 'sane' argument for keeping a 'lowlife scum' like Kenneth Leon Hunter as principal of Prosser.

    Or, maybe, you aren't a Harlan Fan and are in fact Kenneth Leon Hunter or one of his henchmen.

    Whatever the case, how can anyone defend a principal that allows his henchmen to 'double dip' from CPS, makes female teachers cry by lambasting them in his office for minor infractions, gets 'touchy feely' with the new female hires, goes through the school's budget for personal agendas that don't serve the entire school body, and leads through intimidation and sexual innuendos.

    That's the type of person you're defending. I'm not sure how they do things in your 'hood and community, but, SCUMBAGS like Hunter are 'on the outs' on the northwest side of Chicago. And, so are all the bullshit reverends and 'corrupt' politicians that 'suck' money, efforts, and time out of the schools and student body with their CORRUPT WAYS, PHONY BALONEY NONSENSE, and MANIPULATION.

    BTW: We anti-Hunter and anti-scumbag people know in fact Hunter reads this blog and has one of his clerks read it for him as well.

    If anything these posts put Hunter and his henchmen on notice that WE will stop at nothing to rid Prosser of them

    to harlan fan:

    WE think you should worry more about Harlan and their 'GOD AWFUL' academic scores before you start 'trolling' around and talking SMACK and backing SCUMBAG PRINCIPALS at other schools before knowing all the facts

    Your 'ghetto' school only had 7% of the entire school body that meet or exceeded the PSAE test scores

    Don't get US started on your attendance and graduation rates. The only thing Harlan was ever known for was having decent baseball teams. And, if you say your football team is good, wait until you play 'lowly' Maine East next season and they put up 50 points on you with a running clock in the 2nd half (Maine East typically wins 3 games a year at most)

    You should worry more about stopping babies from having babies, keeping your thugs out of prison, and putting down the remote and stop collecting gov't monies and do some REAL GOOD in the world.

    Until you can do these things, WE say:


    Using the 193 school days figure for teacher pay in years 1-5

    The average days absent per student at Harlan = 53 out of 193 school days or Harlan students miss 27%

    And, when you factor in the 12 school days lost to (10) Teacher Professional Days and (2) Report Card Pickup, the average days missed by each Harlan student is 30% of the actual school days


    So, the average Harlan student shows up for school 3 1/2 days per week.

    Harlan is the perfect example for going to a 4-day school week. But, based on the 30% absentee rate at Harlan, Harlan students would show up for barely 3 days on a 4-day school week

    Hum, there are how many High Schools in Chicago? Why is it that Prosser is the main issue here.
    We, the body of Prosser Career Academy are Sick of the SCUMBAG


    I suggest at the next assembly, everyone boos the SCUMBAG and everyone answers 'MAD' (instead of Great) when SCUMBAG HUNTER asks "What are we?"


    WE ARE MAD!!!
    WE ARE MAD!!!
    WE ARE MAD!!!
    WE ARE MAD!!!
    WE ARE MAD!!!
    WE ARE MAD!!!

    @harlan fan

    Here's an article from the Daily Herald about a study where Johns Hopkins University researchers identified 55 Illinois schools as "dropout factories" because no more than 60 percent of the students who start as freshmen make it to their senior year.


    Harlan Community Academy High School, 59 percent

    And, here's another link showing Harlan is Tier II School and what makes a school fit the category:

    Harlan is not the only bad school.

    Corliss, Marshall,Fenger, Washington, Gage Park, Collins, Farragut, Sullivan, Clemente, Juarez, Little Village, Hirsch, Englewood, Robeson and about 30 more schools are some of the worst schools not only in the state but in the nation. The kids live in neighborhoods where you goto any public restarraunt and gang signs are scribbled and scrateched all over.

    The CPS has some good schools, buit a great majority are a complete mess. There was a protest last week asking for more money for these schools. I say scratch all the messed up schools and start over. Do not give them more money.

    Giving Harlan and Prosser more money in all of their intiatives, counselors, security camers, securoty guards, and more will nto help them. Look at all the money put into Harlan and Prosser.

    What has it resulted in?

    59% drop put rates and ROIDS coaches.

    My question to Prosser,

    How much money is run in the operations at Prosser? Dollars per student spent. And how much money is spent at Leyden? Leyden is only 7 miles away from Prosser yet is 100 tuiems better school.

    I bet you if you MORE MONEY IS SPENT AT PROSSER.

    Less money is spent at Leyden.

    Yet, Leyden is 100 times better.

    Prosser Career Academy has a $14,000,000.00 Plus Budget. It also has rental income from a soccer team of $2800.00 each week.
    It also has a church rental income of $1000.00 each week. Mr. Kenny takes the rental income and goes to London. Mr. Kenny says "its good for the kids to receive the experience.; poor little things; they too stupid to learn anything anyway." An insult to the integrity of all parents who chose to enroll their child in this "selective enrollment school" Teach my child and IF THEY decide to travel, they CAN pay for it; Take that $20,000.00 and supply buses for games; copy paper; tutors; etc; things that benefit the students; maybe, just maybe they might make AYP one year. You think??

    Here's a general comparison of the schools:

    (Click on 'View Full Profile' more information)

    Cost per student:

    Prosser $11,287

    East/West Leyden $17,602

    Though, Prosser's cost my be higher because the site only gives the complete cost per student district-wide

    Those cost per student numbers are deceiving. Leyden includes the cost of running their sports facilities (baseball fields, football fields, soccer fields, and more). Prosser uses Hanson Park for football and track and other Chicago Park District Facilities.

    Also, Prossers numbers probably do not include the unfunded liabilities that they still won the teachers unions, do not include the money they got form the governement funded Culture of Calm initiative.

    Can you verify what the cost per student includes an dif it includes those stuff I mentioned.

    There are no "ROIDS" coaches at Harlan.

    You Decide, Kenneth Leon Hunter :

    Did it cost $20,000 to take the 8 + students, himself, and 3+ staff memebers to England?

    How many people went to England?

    Who were the staff, teachers, and # of students that went?

    What was the cost?

    How long doid they go for?

    Where the Prosser employees paid to go and dod they pay for their trips?

    There's a lot of unknowns (no pun intended for former Insane Unknowns gangbanger Jeffrey Scott Davis-Bates) here that need to be answered

    @ question to Prosser fan

    go to this link and search for Prosser:

    I'm sure none of the things you mentioned were figured in, especially since getting the REAL facts, figures, and information are hard to acquire as Hunter likes to delay or not give out pertinent information/data, 'fudge' specific data and 'cook the books'.

    Here's some real FACTS about Principal Kenneth Hunter from the Catalyst:

    "PRINCIPAL AWARD Kenneth Hunter, principal of Prosser, received an ambassadors in education award from the MetLife Foundation for building positive relationships between his school and its community. Hunter, who was nominated by students, teachers and community members, will get a $5,000 grant for community-building projects."">">

    Coming Thursday: 1st Anuual Prosser Women's Faculty/Staff 'Oprah' Arm Wrestlng Pairings

    Who's going to be the Inaugural Winner?

    'Fat' Pat Scott-Wielgus?
    Amy 'Waddles' Campana?
    'Mongoloid' Laura Parsons?

    check back Thursday for more details and more participants

    @ harlan fan

    Did it mention the person giving out the award for the MetLife Foundation was Hunter's classmate at St. Patrick High School in the 70's?

    How could we have even thought to get REAL information out of you, given your Harlan edumification?

    London transportation is $1500.00 per person; you do the math. Mr. Kenny thinks this is a deal. Students out of school; so what.
    This should affect the attendance; but he will lie and make up an excuse. Regardless of the cost per student, Prosser also receives NCLB funds; Prosser has eight (8) parent advocates. No parental involvement; parent advocates sign checks; direct traffic; don't know how to advocate parents; just rip off the taxpayers and children.

    Ok and so? Like I said, if you don't like the way he runs the building then go somewhere else. But when you attack someone anonymously without any supporting documents that he has indeed done something wrong that even warrants public exposure, all you do is make yourself look like someone with some real serious psychological issues. If Hunter made any mistake, it was not purchasing a school psychologist for all the psycho teachers who spew hatred on this board thinking the general public is going to listen to you and jump on your side. Be thankful you still have a job.

    Hey Harlan fan:

    How much more supporting documents and information do you need? Why not worry about Harlan's dropout rate, low test scores, and the 'fatherless' babies popping out all over the school?

    Is there a day care at Harlan? And, is it supplied by the taxpayers?

    See, the problem is Harlan is so 'FUCKED UP' that it makes Prosser's Scumbag principal look GREAT!

    And, since CPS is so FUCKED UP, Prosser's Scumbag principal flies under the radar, or did.

    CPS Investigations was at Prosser today asking the staff and faculty members questions in and around the school about Scumbag Hunter

    If you want Hunter so bad ask CPS to send him to Harlan

    Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to a man without a job. Mr. Mark Thompson, formerly of Harlan HS. Sorry, DR.

    Why don't you tell us all why you got fired.

    @ Harlan Fan:Principal award was in December 2004. He cashed and misused the funds on CD's in 2005.
    $98,000. Never has met average yearly progress since 2003.. Changes grades every year. Dumb Dumb!!!!

    1st Annual Prosser Women's Oprah Arm Wrestling Tournament

    Thursday, May 20, 2010, 3:00 PM in the Prosser Faculty Lounge

    (No need to bring cameras as Kenneth Leon Hunter already has one there)

    Grand Prize : 'All-expense' paid trip to Birmingham, England (paid for by the good people of Chicago)


    Alyssa 'The Ashtray' Carlson vs. Jacquline 'Big Booty' Scott

    'Fat' Pat Scott-Wielgus vs. Lynn 'The Stuttering Poet' Fitzgerald

    'Shady Lady' Peggy Strong vs. Anne 'Triple V' Plous (Vodka, Vicodin, & Valium)

    Pam 'El Gordo Chicka' De La Cruz vs. Nicole 'The Mad Scientist' Perdue

    'Mongoloid' Laura Parsons vs. Amy 'Waddles' Campana

    Barbara 'Cyclops' Baier vs. Gloria 'Doom & Gloom' Oleysyk

    Marcia 'The North Shore Mall-er' Dorfman vs. Erin 'Shamrocko' Walach

    Mary Ellen 'Highball' Lawrence vs. "A Special Male Entrant" Mike 'The Weasel' Sielepkowski

    All matches are single elimination with any competitor disqualified for not remaining in the their seats, eating, bitchin' and moanin', or gossiping for the entire match. Result will be posted on Friday, May 22, 2009



    do some work, you just bitch and moan

    that is some funny shit!

    I am just happy that I was able to walk into the Counseling Office at Prosser today and not have to look at Michelin Tire Woman nor the Mouth of Prosser. Since both are diabolical individuals who just wish to destroy others due to their miserable existence.

    I enjoy reading about the mis use of funds, I find that many schools are doing this. I wonder how much the writer or complainer is making? how many years have you been working for CPS? Obviously more than the 7 years Hunter has been there. so maybe 60-70,000??? or more???

    I am not understanding this other bashing though, how is it conected to budget cuts or drivers ed???

    Thanks for the financial updates. Let us know how the England trip was.

    to budget awareness.some of the stuff is just for have no idea what its like to work at prosser and not be able speak your mind and deal with the woman's club that really runs prosser. you would think the women there actually got paid to gossip and talk about each other. a bunch of man haters to

    1st Annual Prosser Women's Oprah Arm Wrestling Tournament

    Quarterfinal Pairings

    Jacquline 'Big Booty' Scott vs.
    'Fat' Pat Scott-Wielgus

    'Shady Lady' Peggy Strong vs.
    Pam 'El Gordo Chicka' De La Cruz

    'Mongoloid' Laura Parsons vs.
    Gloria 'Doom & Gloom' Oleysyk

    Erin 'Shamrocko' Walach vs.
    Mary Ellen 'Highball' Lawrence

    Quarterfinal Matches wil be held on Friday, May 21, 2010
    @ Major Hall
    5660 W. Grand Ave
    @ 9:00PM

    Grand Prize : 'All-expense' paid trip to Birmingham, England (paid for by the good people of Chicago)

    All matches are single elimination with any competitor disqualified for not remaining in the their seats, eating, bitchin' and moanin', or gossiping for the entire match. Friday's results wil be posted over the weekend.

    took you a long time to write that
    and it's not remotely funny

    not funny to you, but, FUCKING HILARious to all the males at prosser...btw; i did it on cps time there


    1st Annual Prosser Women's Oprah Arm Wrestling Tournament (UPDATE)

    Due to an injury, 'Shady Lady' Peggy Strong wil be replaced in the quarterfinal pairings by:

    Chrsitine 'The Black Widow' Rindfleisch and she will battle
    Pam 'El Gordo Chicka' De La Cruz

    Principal Kenneth Leon Hunter and his current “Goon Squad,” have another big week ahead of them. This Friday, rumor has it, will be a deciding day in Prosser, as Kenneth Leon Hunter will make some cuts and trim the fat of his STAFF. (DON’T WORRY; WEASEL, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A JOB! YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH BROWN NOSING TO ENSURE THAT!)
    Ms.Parsons, maybe you should dress up this Friday!

    1st Annual Prosser Women's Oprah Arm Wrestling Tournament

    Semi-final Pairings

    'Fat' Pat Scott-Wielgus vs. Chrsitine 'The Black Widow' Rindfleisch

    'Mongoloid' Laura Parsons vs.
    Erin 'Shamrocko' Walach

    Semi-Final Matches wil be held on Monday, May 23, 2010
    at Jedynka Club (formerly 1-2-3 Disco)
    5610 W. Diversey Avenue(Central Ave.)
    @ 7:00PM


    Grand Prize : 'All-expense' paid trip to Birmingham, England (paid for by the good people of Chicago)

    All matches are single elimination with any competitor disqualified for not remaining in the their seats, eating, bitchin' and moanin', or gossiping for the entire match. Friday's results wil be posted over the weekend.

    @BLACK FRIDAY FOR Prosser Teachers Coming

    The word from downtown is Speical Education will be spared any cuts. Though, if I were a shop teacher, I wouldn't buy anything right now. (Is this Hunter's way of getting rid of Martin and to continue to control the LSC?)

    Also, look for Jeffrey Scott (Davis) Bates to be moved into a security position (by title only) and he'll continue to run personal errands for Kenneth Leon Hunter

    Jeffrey Bates has bled the payroll long enough. FIRE HIM. He is a joke. He has a office; and he picks up Hunter's clothes from the cleaners; Probably feeds him as well! He should be embarrassed that everyone KNOWS he is a fool for Hunter.

    BREAKING NEWS from the:

    1st Annual Prosser Women's Oprah Arm Wrestling Tournament

    In the Semi-final Pairings, 'Fat' Pat Scott-Wielgus was disqualified for leaving her seat during her match with Chrsitine 'The Black Widow' Rindfleisch.

    Apparently, 'Fat' Pat was yelling at some Prosser teachers and staff in the audience. And, like she does at school, 'Fat' Pat got up and starting yelling at them for no apparent reason

    In the other match 'Mongoloid' Laura Parsons used her 'super human' mongoloid strength to beat Erin 'Shamrocko' Walach in 10 seconds, the 'Mongoloid' nearly ripped 'Shamrocko's' arm out of its socket.

    The Final Match pitting Chrsitine 'The Black Widow' Rindfleisch vs. 'Mongoloid' Laura Parsons will be held on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 in the Prosser 'Getting it on" Faculty Lounge after school at 4:00 PM

    Special Guest Referee will be Jeffrey 'Crazy 8' Bates. (That's if he isn't doing any of Principal Kenneth Leon Hunter's chores.)

    Grand Prize : 'All-expense' paid trip to Birmingham, England (paid for by the good people of Chicago)

    All matches are single elimination with any competitor disqualified for not remaining in the their seats, eating, bitchin' and moanin', or gossiping for the entire match. Friday's results wil be posted over the weekend.

    Again, with all the 'pet' names given to the fine people at Prosser, is the Door Knob (everyone gets a turn) also the Black Widow?

    so bates is hunter's bitch?

    the answer to the above two q's is, is the pope catholic?

    Each and every day, we will add a new suggestion for the MOUTH to speak about at Prosser Career Academy’s Graduation Commencement Ceremony on June 11th 2010 at Wright College. I am waiting on 2 possible confirmations on the MOUTH before I add them to the Top 10. For those of you that don’t know the MOUTH, she makes THE DOOR KNOB, look like MOTHER TERESA. She is by all accounts the meanest, unfriendly woman I have ever met. A true, unmoral individual that is diabolical and notorious for continuing gossip. Since she has been teaching at Prosser, we all wonder who is ruling hell.
    “From the BUZZ CAFÉ located 905 South Lombard Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60304,” Where KENNETH LEON HUNTER AND SON will take the “Mike” this Friday Night, Quick find the “HUMAN WEASEL,” to reserve your seats now… is the first installment of the Top 10 Suggestions for the MOUTH to add to her Speech at Prosser’s Graduation Commencement ………….NUMBER 10- The MOUTH should discuss how Mr. McKay, History Department Chairperson is now in “PANIC MODE,” trying to obtain a waiver to live in Carol Stream………….. NUMBER 9- The MOUTH should discuss how Ms. Field and her Husband (Edward) live in Berwyn…..NUMBER 8- The MOUTH should discuss how easy it is on Teacher Professional Development Days, for her to come back to Prosser intoxicated after lunch, oops; she most likely will be giving her speech intoxicated! After a long day, the MOUTH’S best friend is Professor Jim Beam. Kenneth Leon Hunter, if you don’t believe me try smelling her breath, she is always in the Counseling Office………………NUMBER 7- The MOUTH should discuss how she influenced the Students to vote for her or fail! While all along her, The Michelin Tire Woman and Mrs. Darlene Schnur threw the election for Graduation Speaker. You should feel proud of yourself.

    Is Eileen Lynch the 'MOUTH'?

    Is 'The Michelin Tire Woman' Patricia Scott-Wielgus?

    Is Christine Villasin-Murphy-Rindfleisch the "Door Knob'?

    Look at me! I'll never be half the teacher that Brian McKay or Natalie Field are so I have to point out that they don't live in Chicago! Yay me!

    The question should read.....

    Which 'pet' names are Christine Villasin-(1st husband's last name?)-Murphy-Rindfleisch?


    Sorry, I can't keep track

    Is there another 'cover up' at Prosser?

    Prosser, which has a history of problems with grade changes, LSC voting fraud, 'clout' hiring, principal intimidation of teachers, and teacher surveys of the princpial {altered/thrown away/replaced and turned into the Uiversity of Chicago's Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR)}

    At Prosser Career Academy High School, teachers are given a survey to evaluate Principal Kenneth Hunter and are told to 'anonymously' turn them in to the Assistant Principal Dr. Raul Luna and not in a SASE to Univ. of Chicago.

    However, 'SEVERAL' Prosser's teachers have complained that there 'honest' and 'somewhat negative' surveys of Principal Hunter were not included and replaced by 'positive' surveys and sent in instead.

    What's the point of having teachers fill out surveys if the assistant principal has the opportunity to throw them away and replace them with favorable surveys?

    The (CCSR) was created in 1990 after the passage of the Chicago School Reform Act that decentralized governance of the city's public schools. (

    CCSR survey results are now available exclusively online. To access the current survey results, go to

    Understanding Your School: Survey Results

    In 1991, the Consortium began to regularly survey all Chicago public school principals, teachers, and students to learn their views on and experiences in our public schools. In the spring of 2005, nearly 130,000 students, teachers, and principals across the system participated in the Improving Chicago's Schools survey. The next survey will be administered in spring of 2011.





    How, when, where, how, why?

    @Breaking news

    I was at Prosser today and he didn't seem very Fired. Especially not at 12. Source?

    what's the problem guys?

    Congratulations to Christine 'The Black Widow' Rindfleisch for beating 'Mongoloid' Laura Parsons in the 1st Annual Oprah Arm Wresting Finals Match at Prosser 'Getting it on" Faculty Lounge (Some may say the 'Black Widow' had home field advantage)

    Special Guest Referee Jeffrey 'Crazy 8' Bates was unable to attend due to being asked to walk Kenneth Leon Hunter's poodles (Frenchy and Mona) and go shopping for Hunter's new breadmaker.

    The 'Black Widow won an 'All-expense' paid trip to Birmingham, England (paid for by the good people of Chicago)....Oops, she already went there for FREE on the taxpayers dime.

    Unfortunately, with the addition of her husband losing his job working for Oprah next year, the 'Mongoloid' failed to bring home the Oprah Arm trophy.

    Special Thanks to Mr. Jay Freeman, who because of his gossip worthy material, for which we will confirm, we might have to change the “TOP TEN SUGGESTIONS FOR THE MOUTH TO DISCUSS AT GRADUATION,” to “THE TOP TWENTY!” (If you doubt Mr. Jay Freeman speaking of the MOUTH, check the Prosser Faculty Lounge video/audio files!)

    Is Eileen Lynch the 'MOUTH'?
    No, the MOUTH is Nancy Borgiorno

    Is 'The Michelin Tire Woman' Patricia Scott-Wielgus?
    No, that's Eileen Lynch

    Is Christine Villasin-Murphy-Rindfleisch the "Door Knob'?

    And, Pat Scott-Wielgus is just FAT

    Good Morning Prosser :)

    Kenneth Hunter will NOT be fired and will be back at Prosser next year despite all other reports stating otherwise

    @who's who at Prosser?

    Patricia Leonardo-Scott-Wielgus is aka as SHAMMO or SHAMU or simply FAT PAT

    “From the BUZZ CAFÉ located 905 South Lombard Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60304,” Where KENNETH LEON HUNTER AND SON will take the “Mike” this Friday Night, Quick find the “HUMAN WEASEL,” to reserve your seats now… is the first installment of the Top 10 Suggestions for the MOUTH to add to her Speech at Prosser’s Graduation Commencement………………….NUMBER 6- How the MOUTH should discuss how she landed her job at Prosser due to her Mother being the school clerk!

    Breaking News…….CONFIRMED!
    The Commencement Programs with the Graduation Speaker….THE MOUTH, were done by Mr. Donald Fenwick, before the votes were even tallied up! Thanks for the Confirmation Don!

    who is the MOUTH's (aka Nancy Biongorno)mother that was a clerk at Prosser?

    Nancy's mom never worked at Prosser. Check your facts before posting incorrect info; seems to be a trend on this site...

    It was to interesting !
    great breaking news ..
    Thanks for sharing :)

    No Paper, No Catchy. Your name says it all. Fenwick is innocent until proven guilty.

    BTW: According to CPS, Benedict Fenwick is in the Top 5% in teacher absences throughout CPS. It's no wonder 'Benedict' got 'hooked up' with Hunter and Bates as he needs their protection

    You all have forgotten that as teachers you are an example for students and as a a student I am appalled at the comments made in this forum. You are acting worse than the teenagers you teach.


    This is the atmosphere Ken Hunter created, not one of nurturing and caring for Prosser's students.

    Hunter's legacy will one of corruption, intimdation, clout hiring, retaliation, low test scores, and turning a decent school into a ghetto school..Thanks Ken, WE ARE NOT GREAT because of you!!!!

    Here's the kicker, Coach Rock still could have been at Prosser if he didn't try to backdoor Hunter and file a grievance against Hunter. This after not taking the courses he needed to be a PE teacher and given four years to do it.

    To top it off, Coach Rock took courses to get his Type 75 Master's Administration degree to try to land a job outside of Prosser and backdoor Hunter again.

    So, please don't all of this on Hunter. And, Hunter should be smart enough to know his own secretary/Coack Roc's auntie (Pat Scott) knew what Coach Rock was doing in terms of backdooring Hunter.

    If I were Hunter, I'd get a new secretary or does she hold the golden ticket over Hunter's head?

    Coach Rock and his relationship with the MOUTH, upset Mr. Hunter beyond any and all belief. Mr. Hunter was focused now on getting Rock out of Prosser due to Rock and the Mouth’s immoral acts.

    Why must all of you continuously betray a great man like Principal Hunter. Before Principal Hunter arrived, Prosser lacked structure and was corrupt from the ground up. Before he arrived, Prosser was a decaying institution. The test scores prove, Principal Hunter has in fact improved the quality of education at Prosser Career Academy. The attendance data too, proves that Students want to come to Prosser. The Teachers and Staff members for whom Principal Hunter has dismissed were useless figures. When Principal Hunter states, WE ARE GREAT, it is because we are!

    BTW: Jeffrey Bates email is or says the 'Crazy 8' is because he's crazy for education , we all know the 'Crazy 8' is for 8 ball' as in cocaine

    I haven't read anything in this rubbish about Hunter being formally fired or disciplined so he must not be guilty of anything other than firing some nut case teacher who deserved to be fired.

    hey hunter fan, the only nut case at prosser is that drunken, twice divorced ken hunter...coch roc cared about the students and knew all of their names...I doubt hunter could tell you FIVE students names

    Coach Roc knew only the name of the student's he cared for. The football and basketball teams. He could give a f*** about every other student.

    Happy My Baby's Father's Day to Coach Rock...Love, Ken and the goons at Prosser

    Teachers' hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work 9 or 10 months a year! It's time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do--babysit! We can get that for minimum wage. That's right. Let's give them $3.00 an hour and only the hours they worked--not any of that silly planning time, or any time they spend before or after school. That would be $19.50 a day (7:45 to 3:..................00 PM with 45 min off for lunch and planning--that equals 6.5 hours). Each parent should pay $19.50 a day for these teachers to babysit their children. Now how many students do they teach in a day--maybe 30? So that's $19.50 X 30 = $585.00 a day. However, remember they only work 180 days a year--I am not going to pay them for any vacations. Let's see....that's $585 X 180= $105,300 per year. (Hold on! My calculator needs new batteries). What about those special education teachers and the ones with Master's degrees? Well, we could pay them minimum wage ($7.75), and just to be fair, round it off to $8.00 an hour. That would be $8 X 6.5 X 30 children X 180 days = $280,800 per year. Wait a minute--there's something wrong here....There sure is! The average teacher's salary (nationwide) is $50,000. $50,000/180 days = $277.77/30 = $9.25/6.5 = $1.42 per hour per student--a very inexpensive babysitter and they even EDUCATE your kids! WHAT A DEAL!

    You Gotta Love Prosser!

    If I have to look at Heidi Georgaklis one more day, I think I am ready to puke. A disgusting individual, her and Berwyn's finest Nataile Field leave portions of their lunch on their blouces.

    You spelled blouses wrong..hahahahahaha! A CPS crybaby teacher that can't spell. GO FIGURE!

    I know the previous post is SPAM, but the Prosser posts before it are hilarious because they're mostly true. period. How's that Mr. Hunter?

    You stated, "Before he arrived, Prosser was a decaying institution. The test scores prove, Principal Hunter has in fact improved the quality of education at Prosser Career Academy."

    Well, I disagree and according the University of Chicago Consortium study entiled, 'Getting on Track: Understanding Freshman Performance at Prosser", Prosser has shown a decline in the amount of Prosser freshman on track to graduate under principle-less Kenneth Hunter.

    In fact, 83% of Prosser's freshman were on track to graduate under former Principal John Jursa in 2001-02, while only 78% were on track under Kenneth Leon Hunter in 2009-10.

    Check the facts out here:

    So, numbers are down under Hunter, NOT up. But, hey, he makes $161,000 a year to be a failure. So, what does he care?

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    Wow I actually use to play for coach rock and in the weight room he would always be talking about how he use to back door Ms. Stewart the ugly science teacher, and freshman year he was always in the door knobs class with us he even said that her recent kid was his so I guess that's all I got ask any of the football players they'll tell you its true Lmao

    Sincerely, prosser alumni member

    It wouldn't surprise a bit with the recent revelation that the Door Knob's last kid is atcually a 'love child' with Rociola. Rumors had him meeting up with her at secret rendezvous spots to avoid detection from her current husband Bradley Rindfleisch (a middle school teacher at Manheim Middle School) and a person she meet while taking grad courses at NEIU while living with her second baby's father(Polish construction worker that she had her second kid with out-of-wedlock).

    A nice anonymous note to Bradley telling him to have a DNA tests would be fun to hear about.

    This explains why Bradley was to have bumped into Rociola at a health club with a strong shoulder one day, which led to Rociola filing a complaint against Bradley at the health club.

    The Door Knob, if you may remember, had one child (now in her late 20's) with her 1st husband (Thomas Murphy, a Chicago Police Officer once assigned to the Grand and Central police station near Prosser). Then, she had a child (now in her early 20's with the Polish construction worker out-of-wedlock), and another child of grade school age today'supposedly' with her current husband Bradley. But, now rumors are now it was actually Rociola's 'love child'.

    Rociola did have a 'love child' with another Prosser teacher(Nancy Bonrgiorno). He was to have married her, but, she caught on to his nonsense, called off the marriage, and kicked him out of her place on his bum.

    This whole story is a reminder of what a 'cesspool' the environment is at Prosser under the Principal Kenneth Hunter's realm. And, it's reminder of no matter how much you screw up and display bad ethical behavior as a CPS employee, you'll be rewarded.

    Despie all their perosnel issues, the Door Knob was given a 'promotion' to teacher of honors classes and head of Prosser's school newspaper, making $80K/year. Rociola was bumped from his PE position at Prosser, only to land up making more money $65K with less reposnsibilities) at Sullivan HS as a resource teacher (in-school disciple coordinator. And, Nancy was tabbed as Prosser's 2011 Graduation speaker.

    The comments to this entry are closed.